Time to Restore Integrity in Government!

Industry, Trade and Tourism, Department of Tourism

The official tourism site for the state of Georgia. The site has
over 3,000 attractions, lodging facilities, and restaurants from all
parts of the state of Georgia.

One way to judge the level of “integrity in government” is to look at
the various State Agencies that are funded with YOUR tax dollars. So 
let's examine what the State Department of Trade and Tourism (YOUR tax
dollars at work) is doing on this issue.

On Tourism, under the direction of Governor Roy Barnes this department 
advertises the very popular Southern Heritage of our State. Governor Barnes, 
the Department of Tourism and YOUR State Government is very quick to use 
the memory and honour of our forefathers for the purposes of making a quick 
buck. But they refuse to honour or respect the memory of these gallant men, 
and our Heritage.

Take a few minutes and review their website, if you do not believe this.

Lets look at a few examples:

Starting with:

You should immediately notice that on their entire site there is not a
single Georgia State Flag or Confederate Flag. But by following the 
link on "Historic South" and using their Search engine for Confederate:

Confederate Cemetery 

Located south of downtown LaGrange, this cemetery is the site where 300
soldiers from the Confederate Army of Tennessee are buried.

The Confederate Cemetery is located at Miller Street, LaGrange, GA
30240, Troup County in the Presidential Pathways Region

They are willing to make money from our buried Confederate forefathers
who defended our State, but they consider the display of a Flag in their 
honour to be "political". Well, the Governor and the Department of
Tourism are correct, refusing to display either Our State Flag or a
Confederate Flag is political. It is an endorsement of the slander, 
discredit and misrepresentations of politically correct politicians, biased 
media and outside agitators. This clearly demonstrates a LACK of 
integrity in government and should be removed from any tax-payer 
supported function of our State.

Is this an isolated example? The answer is NO. A few more examples
follow, but you should not have any trouble finding other examples on 
this tax-payer site, produced in YOUR name and at YOUR expense.

Confederate Cemetery - 770-358-2732
Greenwood St., Barnesville, GA 30204
I-75, Exit 66

Confederate Cemetery - 
1.5 mi east on Old Alabama Rd., Milner, GA 30257

Confederate Flag Pole, Courthouse Square -
Hwy 27, Blakely, GA 31723

Confederate Monument - 706-823-6600
Between 7th & 8th at Broad St., Augusta, GA 30901

Days Inn - Columbus 
Close to Ft. Benning Historic District,
Confederate Naval

And the list goes on and on. Does this represent "Integrity in
Government?" No, it represents --- HYPOCRISY!

If you do not like this and would like for your voice to be heard, the
following will help you. Take a few minutes and let these folks know how
you feel about their playing corrupt politics with the honour and memory
of men, much greater in stature than our current crop of politically
correct officials. Tell them to display our Flag!

To contact the State of Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and

By e-mail: 
Mrs. Connie Neeley
Deputy Commissioner of Tourism 

By phone: 
Robert Morris
Communications, Director


Heather Leary
Communications, Assistant Director

By mail:
Mrs. Connie Neeley
Deputy Commissioner of Tourism
Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism
PO Box 1776
Atlanta, GA 30301-1776

Sample Letters & Messages

As final notes, once again Governor Roy Barnes
appears, the Governor has a photo, WITHOUT 
his State's Flag. WITHOUT Our State Flag.


The Commissioner's update (quoting from his

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luptatum delenit aigue duos dolor sint dupic non provident, 
simil tempor sunt in anim id est laborum et dolor fup. Et 
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At vero eos et accus am et ius to odioblandit praesent
luptatum delenit aigue duos dolor sint dupic non 
provident, simil tempor sunt in anim id est laborum et 
dolor fup. Et harumd distinct. Nam liber tempor cum 
nobis eligend doming id quod maxim placeat facer 
possim omnis dolor repellend.

I am sure that my fellow Georgians are impressed with this above. 
The only comment that I have is: "No Voto Fo Turncoatoes!"

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Time to Restore Integrity in Government!