Time to Restore Integrity in Government!

13 December 2000

Mrs. Connie Neeley
Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism
PO Box 1776
Atlanta, GA 30301-1776

Dear Mrs. Neely:

This letter is being sent to you to both lodge a complaint and a request
for corrective action by your Department. As you are aware, the State of
Georgia has adopted an official State Flag and your Department has
adopted a position of refusing to display our State Flag. By doing so
you are abusing the tax dollars of the citizens of Georgia and using our
tax dollars for a political purpose, and possibly violating the law by
doing so.

Further, your Department actively advertises our Confederate History and
Heritage, to make a quick buck, but then contributes to the desecration
of our Heritage by refusing to even include one Flag on your web-site.
You stoop so low as to advertise Confederate Cemeteries, while you at
the same time show disrespect and slander these veterans of Georgia.

I am very concerned, and in fact mad about the use of taxpayer funds for
purposes that display a complete lack of integrity in government, that
has been done in direct violation of the intent of the Legislature and
without regard to the majority of citizens of Georgia. 

Georgia law provides for the provisioning of State Flags to be
"sufficiently and properly to be made known and displayed".

The Secretary of State is designated as the custodian of the state flag.
From funds made available for such purpose, the Secretary of State
shall procure suitable state flags; and he shall be authorized to
furnish, without cost, to the various public schools of this state, to
the superior and state courts, and to other departments and agencies of
the state, counties, or municipal authorities, such flags for their use
in displaying same. From such funds he is authorized to procure such
flags and facsimiles thereof as may cause the flag sufficiently and
properly to be made known and displayed.

By what authority does your Department justify taking a position, and
spending taxpayer funds, to purposely refuse to display our State Flag?

Is the Governor aware of your decision? After the failed attempt by
politically correct politicians, the biased media and outside agitators
to discredit our State Flag a few years ago, Governor Barnes was
involved. Quoting from the Atlanta Journal & Constitution:

Barnes, then a state representative from Cobb County, was one of the 101
lawmakers who sponsored a bill that showed support for the
Confederate-themed flag. The measure, which never passed, threatened to
withhold state money from any local government that took down the 1956
version of the flag. 

By copy of this letter, the Governor is being informed and his failing
to assist your Department in correcting this situation would be subject
to be labeled, well somewhat hypocritical. 

I hope that you will keep me informed of your plans to make these
corrections to your web-site and if needed to your offices such that 
"may cause the flag sufficiently and properly to be made known and
displayed." And if you refuse, then please provide under what authority
and how you justify such actions.

Mike Crane
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton, Georgia 30560

CC: Governor Roy Barnes.

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