Time to Restore Integrity in Government!

 The subject is integrity in government, and the lack of it in the
current attack on Southern History and Heritage known as the Georgia
Flag Fight.

Facts clearly show that the current Georgia flag was established in 1956 
in response to the "Civil War Centennial Committee". On January 20, 1956 
President Eisenhower announced the 'Civil War Centennial Committee' in 
honour of the men who fought in the War. The next month, Senator Hardin 
and Senator Davis introduced a bill to incorporate the flag design created by 
John Sammons Bell as a "memorial" to the men of Georgia who fought in the
War for Southern Independence.

But in the intervening 34 years a new phenomenon has occurred in our 
country. There has been an onslaught of liberal, political correctness, 
that places agendas above such fundamental basic principles as truth, 
justice and honour. We have seen other examples of this where a biased 
media, liberal institutions and an increasing portion of the federal, our State 
and local governments will go to any length, tell any lie and slander any 
opponent to achieve their goals.

This is not the government envisioned by our Founding Fathers when they
seceded from the British Crown. This is not the media envisioned by our
Founding Fathers when they established "freedom of the press."

Today, the Georgia State Flag is under attack:

  • False statements are being made and our elected officials are not demanding or even encouraging that the truth be told!
  • The media is not exposing the falsehoods, but is actually giving the lies a wider distribution and presenting them as if they were facts!
  • Corporations are using your money to join this politically correct bandwagon.

If you don't like this, join with us in exposing the lack of integrity and forcing our elected officials and others to debate this issue with truth and facts, NOT falsehoods and hypocrisy.

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who could not tell the truth if it bit them! This is our purpose and

If your politicians cannot tell the truth, when the facts are historically 
clear, and when even the politically correct cannot document their 
statements, do you trust them with your wallet?

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