Time to Restore Integrity in Government!

Statement in the Chattanooga Times & Free Press on Sunday, November 26, 2000:

1956: The Georgia General Assembly incorporated 
the Confederate Battle flag into the state flag 
as a protest against a desegregation ruling by 
the U.S. Supreme Court

Once again, we see the effects of a lack of integrity in government, and
the effects of liberal bias in the media. This above statement is false, and
by placing this in the paper the Chattanooga paper is presenting an
illusion of fact.

This was not a simple mistake on the part of this newspaper or Laura E.
Walker who included this false statement. Calls and letters requesting a 
correction have been ignored. 

The facts are well known and easy to verify:

Question: Is it just a coincidence that the flag was changed two years
after the Brown vs. Board of Education case in the U.S. Supreme Court? 

It must be remembered that Confederate patriotism was running
high in 1956. On January 20 1956 it was announced that the Civil War
Centennial Committee would be formed to plan commemorative events for
the 100th anniversary of the War between the States. This coincided
with the deaths of the last remaining Confederate veterans. The last
soldier in Georgia died in 1952. The last soldier of the entire 
Confederacy died in 1959. In the years between, the old veterans were
one by one passing away. A great deal of sympathy was felt throughout
the South for the old soldiers and many commemorative activities took
place. (Authority: The Atlanta Journal, 20 Jan. 1956, page A-5; 'The
South's Last Boys in Gray' by Professor Jay S. Hoar, University of 

Question: Some have claimed that the 1954 school desegregation decision by the U.S. Supreme Court stimulated the change in 1956. Is this true? 

Concerning those who claim that the flag was "... designed as a last desperate gasp of defiance against integration," Judge Bell said "Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth ... every bit of it is untrue." He further stated that "Anybody who says anything to the contrary is wrong or perpetuating a willful lie." (Authority: Interview with John Sammons Bell by Vivian Price published in the 'DeKalb News/Sun,' page2-F 13 July 1988.)

Question: Some claim that Hardin, Davis and Bell might not be willing to tell the truth that they might have tried to hide their 'real' purpose. Could this be true? 

These gentlemen denied any such impropriety. In the year 1956 several newspaper accounts of the proposed change in the GEORGIA FLAG were published. In none of the articles was there any hint that the flag change was for any reason other than that stated by the gentlemen who proposes the change. (Authority: The Atlanta Journal, 2 Feb. 1956, page 6; The Atlanta Constitution, 2 Feb. 1956, page 8; The Atlanta Journal/Constitution, 5 Feb. 1956, page C-1; The Atlanta Constitution, 10 Feb. 1956, front page; The Atlanta Journal 10 Feb. 1956, page A-4.)

Question: Isn't it true that these gentlemen would not have admitted to any motivation concerning defiance of integration in 1956? 

Any reading of the newspapers in 1956 shows that politicians who believed in defiance of integration were not at all reluctant to say so in the news interviews. In fact some thought that political advantage could be gained by such positions. (Authority: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution during the period of 1954 to 1956.)

In the seven years since the last time the liberals and politically
correct tried to discredit the Georgia State Flag, there has been plenty
of time for them to document their claims. But historical proof is
never presented!

Of course not, it just simply doesn't exist! Claims such as presented by
Laura E. Walker are what they need to say to force their agenda on the
people of Georgia. It doesn't matter to them if it is true or not!
Before the days of political correctness this would have been called by
its proper term - PROPAGANDA! Something that until recently was reserved
to and found only in less desirable countries around the world.

It is time to let the media know that such tactics are not going to be
tolerated. If you agree, send a message to the Chattanooga Times & Free

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