Time to Restore Integrity in Government!

Statement in the Chattanooga Times & Free Press on Sunday, November 26, 2000:

1956: The Georgia General Assembly incorporated 
the Confederate Battle flag into the state flag 
as a protest against a desegregation ruling by 
the U.S. Supreme Court

Letter to the Editors of the Chattanooga Times & Free Press:

26 November 2000 

The Editors
P.O. Box 1447
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37401

Re: Battle shaping up over Georgia Flag, Sunday November 26, 2000

In this article you presented a falsehood as a fact, thus misleading
your readership. This is one reason why the printed press is viewed by
many as being biased.

In the "Staff Graphic" by Laura E. Walker, you state that the Georgia
Flag was changed in 1956 as a protest against desegregation. This may be
what you wish, this may be what the writer desires and it may fit the
agenda of the Chattanooga Times and/or Chattanooga Free Press, but it is
not true. Those who continue to spread this falsehood have had years to
put forth something to document their claim, but have not been able to
do so. There is a very good reason why they have failed to document it,
it just isn't true. Its just a lie.

On January 20, 1956 President Eisenhower announced the Civil War
Centennial Committee in honour of the men who fought in the War. The
next month, Senator Hardin and Senator Davis introduced a bill to
incorporate the Flag design created by John Sammons Bell as a "memorial"
to the men of Georgia who fought in the War.

So what Laura Walker and your paper are discrediting is in fact a
"memorial to veterans". Veterans that Southerners are proud of, men who
risked life and limb to defend Constitutional government in our land and
to defend our State of Georgia. 

There was a time when elected officials presented their arguments and
positions with integrity. The deliberate use of falsehoods, such as
those presented by Mr. Brooks were reserved to other countries. But
today, such is not the case and even worse, the media has thrown
integrity and truth to the wind also.

Mike Crane

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Time to Restore Integrity in Government!