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    How do you Spell Hypocrisy????

A report on the Baltimore Raid

CPI (Baltimore) Early Sunday morning hundreds, if not thousands of delegates to the 2000 NAACP National Convention gathered at the Baltimore Convention Center. A few miles down        I-95 in Landover another group began gathering and moving toward a waiting bus.

At the NAACP Convention there is an air of arrogance, demonstrated by the lack of American flags in the convention, there are complaints of poor treatment by the employees trying to make a living as they are working at the convention center, then a national anthem is being sung that is not from our country or these united States.

Slowly boarding the bus in Landover is a distinctly different group. Dressed in Confederate grey, small in number, but carrying American Flags. Flags of honor and distinction, flags under which Americans fought and died defending American Liberty as espoused by great Southern Men such as Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Washington and James Madison. These Flags were Confederate Flags, symbolic, not only of the sacrifice of this small groups ancestors and their heritage, but of the effort to defend Constitutional government in this land.

As the bus begins to head toward the Convention Center the trip is started with prayer. Then one of the many historical ironies that will occur on this day happens. This small group sings a well known national anthem, Dixie. A song written not by a white man, as the group singing are, but by a black man. At the Convention Center the attendees are predominately black, and yet when they hear Dixie, those singing it are labeled racists. But you may ask, how can it be racist if it was written by a black man? The answer is simple, it isn't racist - the NAACP are just hypocrites.

As the bus draws up to the Convention Center and begins unloading, a good crowd has assembled and the media are gathering with that feeding frenzy look in their eyes. Off the bus come the small group of representatives of the League of The South, The Heritage Preservation Association and the Southern Parties of Georgia and Maryland. The spokesmen, John Hall, Michael Reed and Tom Brown. Then the men dressed in Confederate grey; Bob Lyons, Jason Danker, Robert Provonche, Richard Gebo, Dan Kessler, Robert Harris, Thaddeus Kosick, Michael Chandler and Mike Crane. Next comes a lady, in antebellum hoop dress, Mrs. Pam Crane. A lady willing to make the trip that many great current-day Confederate leaders such as CIC Griffin could only muster the courage to talk about in their dreams.

Flags waving, the Confederates were escorted to our little designated pen and immediately went into a circle and a new sound was LOUDLY heard at the Convention Center:





For the first time that day the truth was being heard at the Baltimore Convention Center. 

The NAACP distorts and falsifies our Southern history for the purpose of condemning everything Southern as a symbol of the institution of slavery. But at the same time, they completely ignore the history of slavery in not only the northern States, but the history of the African kings who for personal gain sold their own countrymen to the northern, English and Dutch slave traders. While condemning even one day set aside to honor Confederate soldiers, they insist on setting aside an entire month to recognize their African heritage ignoring that without the selling of their countrymen by African kings there would have been no slavery in the South or the North! Just plain ole hypocrisy. 

Just another of the historical ironies of the day. The descendants of the men and women sold by the African kings now promote a false African history and at the same time distort and condemn American history. Just plain ole hypocrisy!

At 11:00 a press conference was held. John Hall and Michael Reed gave our presentation, but so far I havent seen much of it in the news media coverage. Lets see, for one, the media left out the part about the incomplete and possibly fraudulent NAACP tax returns. The NAACP tax return for 1998 indicates that they have NO political involvement (to obtain a tax exempt status). It is marked ''NA''. Do you think that YOU could submit such obviously fraudulent information on YOUR tax return and not have the IRS all over you? Anyway, the media missed this small, little item, so stay tuned to and you will soon get to see for yourself.

The media reported almost nothing from our spokesmen's presentation but made a big deal about our numbers. But let's be honest here. If the media were truly and fairly reporting the truth, we wouldn't have needed anybody in Baltimore, for the hypocrisy of the NAACP would have been exposed years ago. 

After the press conference, there were many conversations between the Confederates and the NAACP delegates. Most were friendly and informative. I personally had conversations with several delegates who asked me to explain the sign that I was carrying, STOP NAACP HYPOCRISY. The results of these were at the same time both positive and sad. After explaining about some of the actual history of the slave trade, about half of the delegates that I spoke with indicated that they had learned something new. This was very positive. But also sad. On Monday these delegates are voting on continuing and/or expanding this NAACP crusade against Southerners. And they dont even know their own history, but are willing to vote on desecrating my children's birthright. Nothing but hypocrites!

And so the day began to wind down. A small band of Confederates had held a lawful and peaceful demonstration at the NAACP National Convention defending Southern heritage and culture. There had been no incidents, many very friendly conversations. No yelling, no fighting, just a lawful and peaceful assembly. But in the end, the true colors of the NAACP leadership came through loud and clear. Both Julian Bond and Kweisi Mfume, although they refused to come talk to us, issued statements that we were racists. From their elevated positions above us mere mortals, they were able to make such a determination?

Even during the numerous conversations with NAACP delegates I didnt hear a single delegate make this slanderous statement. But these two leaders, who make an unknown salary (also not on tax forms) out of the $14,000,000 income of the NAACP, were able to make that statement. 

And for Mr. Julian Bond, I have a more personal message. Many years ago when we were both members of the Democratic Party of Georgia, I was charged with organizing a Young Democrats convention. After the successful convention you personally walked up to me and shook my hand with a comment about how I had been fair and just to all. On 9 July you publicly labeled me as a racist for simply defending my heritage. You, Mr. Bond, are a hypocrite!



It is time to end the reign of terror by the NAACP. And Sunday, 9 July, was the beginning of the end. The Republicans and Democrats have failed in their duty of giving Americans integrity in government when they cave in to the political extortion of this self-serving special interest group. American corporations have abandoned integrity by caving in to the economic extortion by the NAACP, and their customers need to know that a portion of their business is being donated to support hypocrisy. The media have failed to present truth and honesty and have also failed the American people. It is time for this to end.

So stay informed on the next step:

League of the South ---
Heritage Preservation Association -
Southern Party of Georgia -

In the honor and memory of the Men In Grey,
Mike Crane
Provisional Chairman,
Southern Party of Georgia


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