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The Savannah Morning News Desecrates the Georgia State Flag

In the article “Chatham lawmakers girding for flag fight” in the Sunday, 17 December edition of the Savannah Morning News the media reached a new low in the Georgia Flag Fight. Not satisfied with just repeating the statements of the politically correct politicians, the paper decided to add a few features to our State Flag:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you! Yes, that is a burning cross and “NEGROES FOR SALE” super-imposed on our State flag.

No where in the article does the Savannah Morning News present the events that lead up to the change in the Georgia State Flag:

On January 20, then President Eisenhower announced the “Civil War Centennial Commission.” For those, such as possibly your paper and some of the local delegation to the Georgia House and Senate that insist on waging a propaganda war, rather than dealing with the truth, this is Title 36, Section 31 of the US Code. As a result of the call for States to plan for recognizing and honouring the men who fought in this conflict, the Georgia State Flag was changed.

To read the article that was published with this desecration of our State flag...Click Here.

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Time to Restore Integrity in Government!