The following two letters are sample letters to the editor of the Savannah Morning News:

December 18, 2000

Savannah Morning News
P.O. Box 1088
Savannah, GA, 31402

Dear Editor:

I read the article "Chatham lawmakers girding for flag fight" in your
Sunday, 17 December edition with great sadness and dismay. The sadness
came from the fact that your paper failed to point out some well know
facts about Our Georgia State Flag.

On January 20, then President Eisenhower announced the "Civil War
Centennial Commission." For those, such as possibly your paper and some
of the local delegation to the Georgia House and Senate that insist on
waging a propaganda war, rather than dealing with the truth, this is
Title 36, Section 31 of the US Code. As a result of the call for States
to plan for recognizing and honouring the men who fought in this
conflict, the Georgia State Flag was changed. 

I guess that it would be too much to expect for your paper and some
politically correct politicians to recognize that men who risk life and
limb, that fight and some die in defense of their State or government
are veterans! In effect these politically correct politicians are
desecrating a memorial to veterans, the men who answered their State's
Call to Arms. This is sad, very sad.

But most people recognize that these politicians and most of our media
have long abandoned the principles of truth and integrity in government.
What just a few years ago would have been labeled "propaganda" and
reserved for other countries has become all too common.

But what goes just a few country miles over the line is your graphic of
Our State Flag! You placed a graphic that depicts "NEGROES FOR SALE" and
a burning cross on Our State Flag! But where is your condemnation of the
African Kings that originated the slave trade to begin with? The African
Kings sold their own countrymen for personal profit. Where is your
condemnation of any symbol of these African Kings? It doesn't exist,
does it? You reserve it all for Southerners! You are hypocrites!

Where is your condemnation for the US Flag under which the slave trade
prospered, under which the yankee, English and Dutch slave ships plowed
the high seas to further their quest for dollars? It doesn't exist does
it? You reserve your biased propaganda for Southerners! You are nothing
but hypocrites!

This attack on our State Flag, this attack on a memorial to the veterans
of Georgia is just demonstrating that some will use any method, any
misrepresentation and any insult and slander to achieve their goals. It
will be rejected by the People of Georgia and hopefully as a result some
will be removed the public office, which they are abusing.

Mike Crane
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton, Georgia 30560

Dear editor:

The Savannah Morning News article ''Chatham lawmakers girding for flag fight" 
in your Sunday 17 December edition was a disgrace! How dare the Savannah
Morning News resort to attacking our Georgia State flag by using a graphic
that depicts a ''burning cross'' and ''negroes for sale'' on our Georgia 

Anyhow, the fact of the matter is that the Georgia flag was ''not'' changed 
to protest integration as your recent articles suggest. The Georgia flag was 
established in 1956 in response to the "Civil War Centennial Committee." On 
January 20, 1956, then President Eisenhower announced the ''Civil War 
Centennial Committee'' in honour of the men who fought in the War. The next 
month, Senator Hardin and Senator Davis introduced a bill to incorporate the 
flag design created by John Sammons Bell as a "memorial" to the men of 
Georgia who fought in the War for Southern Independence.

When asked why it was that the pre-56 Georgia flag was changed to the 
current Georgia flag, John Sammons Bell, who drafted the bill and designed 
the current Georgia flag, stated that the purpose of the change was "to honor 
our ancestors who fought and died and who have been so much maligned." 
He wanted to forever perpetuate the memory of the Confederate soldier who 
fought and died for his State. 

Concerning those who claim that the flag was "... designed as a last 
desperate gasp of defiance against integration," Judge Bell said "Absolutely 
nothing could be further from the truth ... every bit of it is untrue." He further 
stated that "Anybody who says anything to the contrary is wrong or 
perpetuating a willful lie."

It's very sad and concerning to me when I see that now the Savannah Morning 
News has decided to jump on the anti-Georgia flag bandwagon, in the before 
mentioned ways, like presenting articles which falsely suggest that the Georgia 
flag was created in defiance against integration and by the disgraceful manner 
of using a graphic that depicts a ''burning cross'' and ''negroes for sale'' 
on our State of Georgia's flag!

I would like to think that our State of Georgia's flag would be treated with some 
 decency, unfortunately, it seems that decency and honesty means nothing at the 
Savannah Morning News.

Jeff Mock
3110 Hearn Rd.
Monroe, GA 30656