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Georgia Heritage Coalition issues Statement of Purpose

The Georgia Heritage Coalition is another example of the swelling desire of Georgians to reform our State government from the grass roots level. We support this and all grass roots effort to begin the long overdue return to the principles upon which our country was founded.

From our perspective the two dominant political parties have failed not only Georgians but the American people. But our Founding Fathers warned us, and it is our own fault. On our watch, we have become too complacent in accepting poor behavior from elected officials. Political correctness run amok in our State, country and two dominant political parties is the greatest threat to our Founding Principles our Republican has ever faced.

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  Georgia Heritage Coalition
  let us be your voice to preserve the great Heritage of our Country and State

Georgia Heritage Coalition
P-6 2360 Thompson Bridge Road
Gainesville, GA 30501
Phone: 770-297-4788    email:

Statement of Purpose

 September 30, 2003

 Contact:           Mr. Jeff Davis               770-297-4788   email:


The initial announcement of the formation of the Georgia Heritage Coalition has been very well received. To respond to many requests for additional information the following further defines the Statement of Purpose for the coalition.

The Georgia Heritage Coalition's purpose is to pursue reform of our Georgia State government. Our State government in recent years has lost touch with the citizens of Georgia and many elected officials no longer represent the citizens. Instead these elected officials have become either the intentional or unintentional pawns of  special interests. The purpose of the coalition is to rectify this deteriorating State government by working to educate officials or to encourage their replacement if required.

Among the issues listed by the coalition are:

  • Strict enforcement of existing illegal immigration laws by state agencies. Strict limitation of benefits for illegal aliens including no driver permits or preferential education benefits

    The Georgia Heritage Coalition believes that all residents of Georgia should follow the law. All residents of Georgia should be equal before the law. Illegal aliens are granted a discriminatory preferential treatment, not granted to law abiding citizens for political gain by some elected officials. These elected officials are ignoring the well being of law citizens for either political gain or to force their agenda upon the majority of Georgians. They should be replaced.

  • Improved representation on state boards, commissions and authorities for citizens with heritage interests;

    Under the Barnes and Perdue Administrations the various state boards, commissions and authorities are being filled with individuals who have failed to support the citizens of Georgia on Heritage issues. They instead have supported the views of outside agitators, fallen victim to corporate influence or are trying to force political correctness upon the citizens. Citizens who have respect and will Honor the Heritage of all Georgians should be appointed to these state boards, commissions and authorities.

    The Perdue Administration appointments will be monitored and he will be held accountable for his appointments.

  • Recession of the March flag referendum as an unnecessary expense to the taxpayers;

    Throughout the State of Georgia it is a well known fact that this referendum was a brokered deal, influenced by corporate contributions to buy influence, and is a waste of the taxpayers money. Any elected official who supports wholesale purchased influence, secret backroom deals, political correctness run amok and complete disregard of the desire of Georgians to vote on Our Flag should be replaced.

  • Inclusion of the 1956 Georgia flag in a referendum scheduled for July 2004;

    The exclusion of the Flag supported by a majority of Georgians, a Flag that flew over the most prosperous period of Georgia's history and a Flag created in Honor and Memory of Georgia veterans is the epitome of corrupt government. Any elected official who does not support the right of the People of Georgia to have a say in the State's Flag should retire from public service and go work for the special interests they are representing.

    Southern Heritage is an integral part of both our country's and Georgia's Heritage. Elected officials who serve their politically correct special interests to discredit our country's and Georgia's Heritage should be replaced.

  • Opposition to the "ethnic cleansing" of America's religious heritage and the key role it played in building the foundations of our Republic.

    The Georgia Heritage Coalition clearly recognizes that our country was established as a Christian nation that would practice religious tolerance. We clearly recognize the wisdom and principles established by Our Founding Fathers and oppose the efforts to eliminate our Christian Heritage. Any elected official who works to eliminate the principles upon which our country was founded should be replaced.

The coalition is actively designating targeted anti-heritage candidates and organizing coalition volunteers in the selected areas. Heritage Activism Seminars are scheduled during the Fall in practically all areas of the state. These seminars train local volunteers in such skills as position interviews with candidates, selecting opposition candidates, grass roots voter motivation, voter registration, absentee ballots, scrutiny at election time, flagging anti-heritage candidates and training other issue groups on how to protest publicly to get their message across. The course also includes training in media relations and talk show education.

Heritage Activism seminars are conducted by a non partisan group of Georgia veterans of politics including a former state Republican campaign chairman, a former Democrat campaign leader, a Southern Party officer and the leaders of the Flaggers.   

Come join us as we work to restore the great Heritage of Our Country and Georgia.                  

For further information:

Jim Dean   404-966-6827
Jeff Davis 770-297-4788
Activism Seminar Schedule & Registration 877-903-0996


The Georgia Heritage Coalition web site is at:


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