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Jesse again!

TurnCoat Dean

Goodbye Constitution

More Police attention. 

Ken's favorite message!

Picture of part of participants

Jesse Up front.

The Battle Van

Don't Vote For Barnes

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Dixie Rising

Officer agrees with us!

 Report on Flagging

This Saturday Compatriots of Georgia assembled for a peaceful rally and flag waving demonstration right outside the city limits of Rockmart Georgia, at the intersection of Highway 278, and Atlanta highway. It was most assuredly our intention of catching King Roy Barnes as he headed into town. Unfortunately we did NOT get the King as we later learned he Helicoptered in. BUT WE DID get sellout Senator Nathan Dean for certain. We had a huge crowd of people and flags and signs and props and you name it. One of the best looking turnouts yet. 

Afterwards IM not sure what others did, but I drove into town right after the party had started and made a complete lap around the block where they were gathered, and on the second lap around got some good shouts of Roy Barnes is a liar, Roy Barnes is a traitor in when I was immediately pulled over by the local Gestapo. This is when it gets good. They told me that I could NOT drive around town creating a disturbance.

I said OKAY, I will just drive around, and they said NO flag can be displayed. WHAT????? Thats right they told me that I could NOT drive around town with my flag displayed on my truck and that I had to remove it.

When I asked why they said it was in violation of their ordinances. I explained to the officer that I had read their ordinances, had a copy of it and NO WHERE did it say that. The officer then changed his story to say that he actually got his instructions from Captain Hilbreth that NO flags could be displayed on vehicles driving thru town. FOLKS, I HAD A WITNESS to all of this as SCV and LOS member Bruce Lyle was standing right there with me and heard every word. Bruce and I were then instructed to move to the designated are for protesting that had been previously approved. We drove down there but it was in an area where you could NOT see or be seen. STUPID. So I drove back up to where the cops were parked and asked the 3 of them what was the name of the officer that told me that I could NOT display a flag on my vehicle. They got kinda mad and at first would not tell me then WHEN I INSISTED, he told me his name was W.M. Riley. 

SO W. M. Riley states that in Rockmart, you cannot drive around town with a flag displayed on your vehicle because it violates their ordinances. AMAZING! 

Well, we knew it was gonna be a tough day. Thanks to all of the many compatriots that turned out for the flagging of Nathan Dean. As Dean drove thru our gauntlet he then travels down Atlanta highway that is covered up in Project Wave poles. He knows we were there. 

I would be interested to hear what others saw or heard. I got plenty of good pictures. If interested email me and I will email you the pix. 

Below is Georgia Code, and Georgia Constitution. Then my comments: 

50-3-10 G*** CODE SECTION *** 12/03/0150-3-10.Nothing in this article shall be construed to prevent the use of the flag of the United States or any flag, standard, color, shield, ensign, or other insignia of the State of Georgia or of the Confederate States of America for decorative or patriotic purposes, either inside or outside of any residence, store, place of business, public building, or school building. 

The Constitution of the State of Georgia, Article 1, Section 1, Paragraph 5 states, "No law shall be passed to curtail or restrain the freedom of speech."�, and Paragraph 9 states, "[t]he People have the right to assemble peaceably for their common good, and to apply by petition or remonstrance to those vested with the powers of government for redress of grievances."� 

LOOK, I understand that local communities ect. do NOT like having their partys crashed by us flag protesters. TOUGH! People, all people, myself included must be willing to accept the consequences of our actions. If the Governor had allowed the people to VOTE, there would have been NO crashing of partys. The bottom line is, there is only 1 back country hole in the wall town like Rockmart, and Rome. King Roy will surface again in fair game territory. There is NOT much to the little town of Rockmart. King Roy will not win reelection based on his taxpayer funded helicopter visits there. 

BUT EVERYONE better be concerned when local governments tell us we cannot drive thru their towns with a flag displayed on our vehicles. NAZI Georgia! 

It to bad we don't have some bright attorneys in this movement that wouldn't hesitate to jump all over that city's illegal banning of flag displays on our vehicles, especially when there were two of us to witness it. Not my word against theirs. 

It would appear that the trampling of the constitution and our rights, are done in such a manner by enacting illegal ordinances, then putting the Burden on us to disprove them. AND THAT is how its done! 

Kenneth Waters

Rebmaster's comment: Ken is right, where are our attorneys????? Are they afraid of the big bad King????