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Update on Maurice's BBQ - Piggly Wiggly Caves

Maurice's BBQ Situation 

Piggly-Wiggly caves in to racist black leaders and has announced they will no longer sell Maurice's products! We need to let them know what we think of their moral cowardice. Write them at

So far Ingles and IGA stores have not removed Bessinger's products. They need to be contacted and told to stand firm for right. 

Please let me repeat - you need to shop Ingles and IGA and you need to tell them of your support. You also need to stay out of the other stores and continue to let them know of your displeasure.

Contact Information:

Piggly Wiggly:
1991 Corporate Avenue
Memphis, TN 38132 
Phone: 901-395-8215 
Fax: 901-395-8475 

8725 West Higgins Road
Chicago, IL 60631 USA
Phone: (773) 693-4520

Ingles Markets
Post Office Box 6676
Asheville, NC 28816
Telephone: (828) 669-2941 
Fax: (828) 669-3678

5050 Edgewood Court
Jacksonville, FL 32254-3699
Al Rowland, President & CEO
P. O. Box B
Jacksonville, FL 32203-0297 
Phone: (904) 783-5000
Comments and Customer Service Form: 

Winn-Dixie Division Headquarters: 

600 Edwards Avenue
Harahan, LA 70123-3185
Michael J. Istre
Division President
(504) 731-2200 

2401 Nevada Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273
J. Darryl Fitzgerald
Division President
(704) 587-4000

3015 Coastline Dr.
Orlando, FL 32808
Mark A. Sellers
Division President
(407) 578-4000 

5500 South Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76115
Waynne Cobb
Division Manager
(817) 921-1100

1141 S.W. 12th Ave.
Pompano Beach, FL 33069-4671
Raymond C. Lunn, Jr.
Division President
(954) 783-2700 

5233 Commonwealth Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32254
Don A. Weaver
Division President
(904) 695-7800

833 Shotwell Road.
Clayton, NC 27520
H. Matt Solana
Division President
(919) 550-7100 

1550 Jackson Ferry Road 
Montgomery, AL 36104-1718 
Daniel J. Richardson
Division President 
(334) 240-6200

Media Coverage:

-Sam Francis: Corporate giants now enforce thought control 

-Edgefield Journal: Maurice Bessinger lowers the American flag 
and raises the South Carolina and Confederate flag at all his 
restaurant locations 

-Edgefield Journal: Are all news articles so twisted? 

Thank you!

Virgil Huston 

Previous Information:
Special Notice - Action Required

Organized Effort Uncovered to Destroy Maurice! Food Lion pulls 
Maurice's Products and Bi-Lo is Next


If you are just tuning into this major heritage violation, see the 
following pages for background:

Wal-Mart and Sam's Club pulls Maurice's BBQ Sauce from 
Shelves because he flies the Confederate Flag! 

Victory in Lexington! City of Lexington Backs Down! 

We have now discovered that there is an organized effort being 
mounted by someone against Maurice Bessinger in all food stores. 
First it was Wal-Mart, then Food Lion, and now it is Bi-Lo.

We have absolutely reliable information that Bi-Lo is considering 
removing Bessinger's products. They say that letters are running 4 
to 1 in favor of removing his products. Since Bi-Lo has not made 
any public statements yet this can only be the result of a behind-
the-scenes effort.

Food Lion has just removed Maurice's product from its shelves.

It is imperative that you, immediately, phone, e-mail and mail Bi-Lo 
and tell them how good it is that they are carrying Maurice's 
barbeque sauce, unlike Wal-Mart and Food Lion. It will certainly 
help if you explain that you will be shopping at Bi-Lo rather than 
Food Lion or Wal-Mart.

If Maurice Bessinger is put out of business for offering a Biblical 
tract in his stores, then no business is safe! They are trying to 
destroy Maurice simply because he dares to defend the 
Constitution and the Confederate flag.

Before the flag came down from the South Carolina State House 
dome, SABC Director Lake E. High, Jr, said "if we lose this fight, 
they will be energized by their victory and ready to go on to their 
next victory." He words are already proving true.

Maurice Bessinger's Response:

Contact: Maurice Bessinger
(803) 791-5887 extension 16
1600 Charleston Highway
West Columbia, SC 29169

Political Correctness now rules the South

In this controversy, which Wal-Mart provoked, they have said that 
they expected their suppliers to "share their beliefs." Then they 
said I'm making available a religious tract with which they 
disagreed. They said it was "A Biblical View of Slavery," by the 
Reverend John Weaver of Georgia.

Now Food Lion has joined with them. Both Food Lion and Wal-Mart 
have falsely accused me on this slavery bit. They have allied with 
the left wing liberal press that is out to destroy me for two reasons. 
First, because I will not surrender my heritage, as they would have 
me to do, but most importantly it is because I have tried to 
introduce the argument that it is not constitutionally correct to fly 
the American flag over the state flag. That idea, that the states 
must exercise their sovereignty over the federal government, is the 
real issue and goes back to the core of the original American idea. 
And that is the real reason the left wing liberals and pro world 
government people must put us down in order to carry out their 
agenda for what they have in mind for all of us.

At my restaurants I have, for decades, made hundreds of religious 
tracts and writings available. These writings, tracts, and published 
sermons are by dozens of different ministers and religious writers. 
Now both Wal-Mart and Food Lion are saying that if they disagree 
with one sentence in one tract by one minister that they will not do 
business with me. This is nothing more than an attempt to dictate 
the religious beliefs and suppress freedom of expression of all of 
their American suppliers. 

I say "American suppliers," because I note that Wal-Mart does 
hundreds of millions of dollars worth of business in goods from 
Communist China and Communist Vietnam. You will note that Wal-
Mart does not require Communist China and Communist Vietnam 
to "share their beliefs."

I note that the South Carolina Heritage Coalition issued a news 
release calling for a boycott of Wal-Mart. I also note that no South 
Carolina newspaper carried even a mention of it. The media 
attention on this red herring of the religious tract that mentions 
slavery while shutting down opposition voices such as the boycott 
the Heritage Coalition has called for is exactly on point when I say 
that the leftist media is trying to destroy me and people like me.
I encourage all people who value freedom of speech and freedom of 
religion to shop in stores other than Food Lion and Wal-Mart so 
they can get my products and other South Carolina products. 

What You Can Do to Help:

1. Contact Bi-Lo and tell them to keep carrying Maurice's products. 
Tell them you are already boycotting Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and 
Food Lion. Tell them you will boycott them, too, if they take 
Maurice's products off the shelves. Speak with the manager of your 
local Bi-Lo. Tell him that you do not want Maurice's products 
pulled. Tell him that other stores that have pulled the products are 
being picketed.

Mailing Address:
BI-LO Incorporated
Drawer 99
Mauldin, SC 29662

Email Address: 

Phone: Consumer Relations

3. Contact Food Lion and tell them that you are not happy that 
they have pulled Maurice's products. Tell them that Wal-Mart is 
already being picketed. Speak with the manager of your local Food 
Lion and tell him you will not shop there until Maurice's products 
are returned to the shelves.

Mailing Address:
Food Lion, Inc.
Attn: Customer Relations
P.O. Box 1330
Salisbury, NC 28145-1330

Contact form on Web Site: 

Phone: Consumer Relations

If you want to buy some of Maurice's Gourmet BBQ sauce and 
even BBQ, you can order it online at I 
assure you that his sauces are excellent and the food in his 
restaurants is some of the best BBQ you can get. 

Thank you!

Virgil Huston
Webmaster -