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Keep Our Flag, Change the NAACP

Billboards Across Georgia

Today, across the South, there is a force marching that is just as barbaric and destructive as Sherman's Army of pillagers, rapists and arsonists was 134 years ago. Today, the tools are not weapons, torches and force. Instead it is political correctness, liberalism, lies and political and economic extortion.

Today, the modern day Sherman is the NAACP. They are preparing to, once again, invade Georgia to change our State Flag. They will use lies, distortions, political corruption and economic extortion to slander anything that is considered Southern. 

The NAACP distorts and falsifies our Southern history for the purpose of condemning everything Southern as a symbol of the institution of slavery. But at the same time, they completely ignore the history of slavery in not only the northern States, but the history of the African kings who for personal gain sold their own countrymen to the northern, English and Dutch slave traders. While condemning even one day set aside to honor Confederate soldiers, they insist on a whole month of celebrating African heritage while at the same time ignoring that without the selling of their countrymen by African kings there would have been no selling of Africans into slavery in the South or the North to begin with! It's just plain hypocrisy.

The media, for the most part, has abandoned their duty to the citizens of Georgia and the rest of the country. They have not demanded that the truth be presented; they have not exposed the lies and distortions of the NAACP. They have not exposed the politicians who will sell our heritage and culture for dollars and votes. It is time for this hypocrisy to end as well.

Today, the Southern Party of Georgia, working in conjunction with the League of the South and Heritage Preservation Association, begin accepting monthly pledges for Billboards Across Georgia. Pledges in the amount of $10.00 or $20.00 per month, or a lump sum contribution will be used to erect billboards across the State of Georgia to defend Southern Heritage and to expose the hypocrisy of the NAACP and their corrupt allies.

For further information or to submit your pledge or contribution:

Southern Party of Georgia
Stop The NAACP Hypocrisy
1575 Old Alabama Road Suite 207 
Roswell, Georgia CSA 30076

(706) 374-4643
877-903-0996 (toll free)

It is time to end the reign of terror by the NAACP and to begin removing their supporters from office. Sign up today, and protect your future generations birthright! The South Was Right! And our future generations have a right to be proud of their gallant ancestors who fought and died in an effort to defend the principles espoused by our Founding Fathers.

Mike Crane
Provisional Chairman
Southern Party of Georgia