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Tired of lip service and Lies?

As most are aware supporters of Southern Heritage and Our Country's Founding Principles only get lip service from the Republican Party, especially their leadership. Here in Georgia we have seen how quickly the Georgia Republican Party leadership jumped at the opportunity to take their position in the feeding trough of the Atlanta Chamber types.

Not only under the leadership of Governor Sonny "LIAR" Perdue and Tom "LIAR" Price did they "sell" the right of Georgians to Vote on Our State Flag, but they have:

  • Established State Water Restrictions for the sole benefit of excessive Atlanta Growth. Your water is now Atlanta's water.
  • While providing State support for urban Fish Tanks, started a program due to budget shortfalls to steal property from nursing home residents as they are being placed in their graves.
  • The Bush Whitehouse gave a heritage preservation award to Mullah Young of Augusta who believe that heritage preservation means eliminating all vestiges of Southern Heritage.

Party over Principle, has become the Georgia Republican Party message. It has been sad to watch as the party leadership ignored approximately 75% of the elected Republicans, the Republicans who worked for years to build their Party and the independent voters who trusted them.

If you want more of the same all you have to do is continue to support the Republicans who place Party over Principle.

The following article is one that we recommend you give some consideration. It is your government, you will get what you vote for.

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Subject: Conservatives, Are you tired of The National Republican Party taking you for granted?

The South went from being the Solid South for the Democrats to the point of voting almost solidly Republican in national elections today.

The Democrats counted on the South's memory of Reconstruction to keep us in their column. Democrats were confident enough to start denigrating the South to gain Northern votes, culminating in the "Young Turks," Hubert Humphrey, Soapy Williams, etc, pushing civil rights to the point where many Southern delegations walked out of the Convention in 1948.

A subsequent Southern Dixiecrat Convention nominated Strom Thurmond for President and Mississippi's Fielding Wright for Vice President. They carried 4 Southern States, but were unable to deny either major party candidate an Electoral College victory.

In 1964, Mississippi and several other Southern states voted for a Republican for the first time since reconstruction. Goldwater had opposed civil rights on the basis of states' rights.

Nixon employed the Southern Strategy giving more lip service to the South than tangible results. It worked for him, but not us.

Ronald Reagan kicked off his Presidential campaign in 1980 at the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia, MS, and caught flack from the press for not condemning us for our past. Reagan DID NOT apologize. Compare that with Bush's Philadelphia, PA speech castigating Trent Lott for his comments about ole Strom shortly after Trent had advocated placing troops on our border with Mexico to stop illegal immigration. Bush advocates amnesty for illegals, but not for our Confederate ancestors.

We have now come to the point that Republicans are not only taking us for granted. They are spitting in our face.

George W. Bush took advantage of the Battle flag in South Carolina, then turned around and had the plaques removed from the Texas Supreme Court Building. The plaques were quotes of Lee praising his Texas troops. This, after a referendum overwhelmingly approved the use of the money remaining in the Confederate widows' fund to build that very building. Even the Texas 2004 Republican convention voted to restore those plaques.

Jeb Bush had the Third National Confederate flag removed from a Four Flags Over Florida display at the state capitol, and he has opposed S.C.V. car tags in Florida.

Republican Georgia Perdue lied to the people of Georgia to get elected and then traded a Fair Vote on the State Flag for a tobacco tax and campaign contributions from the the Atlanta Chamber.

Perhaps the unkindest cut of all was Dick Cheney's refusing to attend the funeral of a former fellow Congressman from South Carolina, until the widow denied her husband's request to display the Battle Flag and play Dixie at the funeral.

There is a fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party and we are losing. If the Northeastern establishment elite of the Rockefeller wing can deny Goldwater their votes, why can't we deny one of theirs our votes?

If you are tired of political correctness and want to return the Republican Party to the Party of Ronald Reagan instead of Lincoln, Rockefeller, Karl Rove and the South hating neocons of the Bush administration, then vote for Michael Anthony Peroutka, a proud member of the League of the South and a candidate of the Constitution Party. Let's send them a message with Peroutka as we did with George Wallace. Let's win one more for the Gipper!


The Mississippi Constitution Party is sponsoring a Confederate yard sign. Half of the sign has our glorious flag, and the other half says, "Peroutka

for President". You may view them at:

1. If you will promise to put them up, we send them to you for free. Let us know how many you would like to have.

2. Donations for our costs are appreciated, again, we have several thousand on hand and need assistance in getting these up. We need help in putting these on every major highway in the South. You can help by putting them up on a highway near you.

Who is Constitution Party Candidate, Michael Peroutka?

Background information:

Michael Peroutka For President. Michael is the nominee for President for the Constitution Party. He is the only candidate that is rock solid on the conservative cultural issues like Pro-Life, Pro Ten Commandments, and also Pro-Southern. Michael Peroutka is a member of the League of the South and makes no apologies for standing up for southern causes. He is the only candidate who wishes to stop illegal immigration and wishes to stop the exportation of jobs by stopping NAFA and GATT and who also has promised not to promote any Homosexuals to any government position. To learn more about his positions visit

We conservatives appreciate the many conservative stands of George W. Bush. However, President Bush has let us down on a few occasions. We suggest before voting, that you thoroughly investigate the positions of all of the candidates. One of the best places to learn of President Bush's positions is at

How to help:

Please forward to all like-minded Southrons. Please post this on your web sites. ** please reply ASAP

Dear Friends,

The Southerners for Peroutka campaign signs are now available for order! They may be viewed/ ordered at the Southerners for Peroutka web site -- The sign will be rectangular & have the St. Andrews Cross ( aka Confederate Battle Flag) on top & the words & Peroutka for President below in blue. These signs will be made of milk carton material rather than the heavy corrugated plastic that has become more common these days. This was done for cost-saving purposes -- we can get MANY more signs for the same price & if they are torn down (which we know they will be) they can be cheaply & easily replaced. We have several  thousand on hand; and need to blanket the South with these. We already have distributed nearly 2,000 in Mississippi-- any body want to top that ?

The signs will be available in quantities of 100 for $45.00 and 250 or more for 40 cents each. Please consider ordering at least $ 100 worth (250). The signs are 14 inches wide and 22 inches tall. The signs will normally last 9 months. Two men should be able to get a couple hundred up in an afternoon. The signs are free to anyone who requests them and will put them up.

For those who cannot put them up, you can help us with a donation.

The election is only 1 month away. Help is needed NOW if we're going to overcome the media blackout & send them a message they won't soon forget. Do your part to promote our flag, how beautiful out nation would be with our highways decorated with beautiful Confederate flag signs. View them at:

BTW: The Southron-oriented campaign flyers & DVD's are now available. Contact me if you would like some.

P. Leslie Riley, Jr.
Mississippi State Chairman
The Constitution Party
(662)-447-2577 (home)
(662)-369-8745 (office)


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Tired of lip service and Lies?

Sometimes you just have to draw a line in the sand ...

Is there still work to be done ...

Southerners for Peroutka

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