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Address by Patrick Tyndall, South Carolina Constitution Party Candidate for the U.S. Senate

October 4, 2004
Columbia, South Carolina

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Patrick Tyndall, and I am the Constitution Party candidate for the United States Senate. I am a Research & Development Engineer at a large manufacturer in the Upcountry. I am a former pastor, a lover of Truth, and a lover of Liberty. My wife and I live near Simpsonville, and we have five home-schooled daughters. I have no lover but my wife, and I have no king but Jesus.

I'm running for the United States Senate because I am burdened for this country - burdened because of what our federal government has become, and what has happened to America in the process.

The federal government was created by the States to serve the people, and to secure their rights. But today we have become the servants of the government, and the government tramples our rights.

The original Constitution was a compact between the several sovereign States that delegated to the United States a certain few, clearly enumerated powers. All other powers were reserved to the States or to the people, and the people retained their rights.

But since Mr. Lincoln's assault on that Constitution in his War of 1861-1865, the federal government has never ceased from arrogating to itself more and greater powers, its unmistakable object being the establishment of an absolute tyranny.

Please suffer me a moment to establish my credibility as a defender of Southern Heritage. I do not claim be gloriously descended, and even if I were, all the glory would belong to my ancestors. I was raised in Southern Indiana - Copperhead country - but from my youth my eyes and my heart were set on the South. By God's grace at the age of 16 I was brought to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. By His further grace I soon made the acquaintance of a lovely Christian young lady who would in due time become my wife. And adding grace to grace, He who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think had foreordained that that lovely creature should be the youngest child of a Louisiana belle, and therefore a daughter of the blessed South.

So the blood of the Old Confederacy courses the veins of my wife and my children, and any attack on the South - her heritage, her history, her people - is an attack on my kith and kin, and no one injures my family with impunity. I am an adopted son of the South - her people are my people, her struggles are my struggles, and her future is my future.

My position on the Confederate Battle Flag was made clear in a November, 1999 letter to Greenville News. In that letter, I decried Mr. Lincoln's attempts to justify the suspension of several important provisions of the U.S. Constitution, and the Union's supposed moral obligation to take up arms

and kill their Southern brethren. I finished with this: "[The Confederate

Battle Flag] represents an impassioned struggle for liberty and independence - a struggle that cost the South, in the words of Gen. Wade Hampton, 'her best blood and all her treasure.'"

Interestingly, my letter was juxtaposed with a masterful treatise from the pen of none other than Nelson Waller, whom I chanced to meet at a Red Shirt

banquet here in Columbia, and from whose companionship I have since profited in many and diverse ways.

My children and I were at the Elmwood Cemetery in January 2000 and listened to the solemn roll of some 24,000 South Carolinians, dead on the field of honor. We then marched to the Statehouse (with many of you), Battle Flags in hand, to resist the Yankees, race-baiters, and scalawags who joined forces to cower our pusillanimous legislature into lowering that flag under which men far better than themselves fought so nobly. That was my fight.

When Jesse Jackson and his thugs swarmed the Greenville County Council chambers to demand a paid holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, that was my fight (thanks to Nelson Waller, who recruited me for the event). Though only a handful of patriots gathered to oppose the action, my daughter and I were among them. She held up a large sign with the divine commandment, "THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY." I spoke against the holiday on four different occasions, explaining how that Martin Luther King was devoid of all the nobleness that men ought to require of their heroes.

Let me add that of that small number of patriots opposing the paid holiday, and facing that hostile crowd, the South Carolina Constitution Party was well represented. Our state chairman was there, and was viciously assaulted. My campaign treasurer was there, as was a former Constitution Party candidate for statewide office.

The Constitution Party is a friend to the Southern Patriot. Our goal is to reduce the federal government to its constitutionally authorized and constitutionally limited role. That is nothing more than re-asserting the principle of States' Rights - that same sacred principle for which the Old Confederacy fought. Our presidential candidate, Christian lawyer Michael Peroutka, is an unashamed member of the League of the South.

But how many Southern patriots really support Constitution Party candidates? Sadly, many Southern patriots still support a party that was conceived in anti-Southern sentiment, and if it was ever their ally, it deserted them long ago.

Driven by fear of the dreaded Democrats, they have plighted their political troth to the Republican Party - apparently till death do them part. But this union has proven to be a marriage made in Hell, for the "Grand Old Party" has been an adulterous wife, and has dealt with them treacherously. She hath played the harlot with many lovers, while heaping on true conservatives only scorn, derision, and laughter.

Their Republican bride dances all night with her globalist paramours. She sings sweet songs to her sodomite companions.

Time and again, Southern Christians have carried the Republican Party over the threshold of victory. But the honeymoon is always short, and never very sweet.

Instead of marital bliss, they have been stabbed in the back.

It is natural, as Patrick Henry noted, for man to indulge in the illusions of hope, and men are apt to shut their eyes against a painful truth. So the conservatives and Christians who have wedded themselves to the Republican Party will not see that they have taken themselves an adulterous wife, and that she is incorrigible and irretrievably corrupted.

Every factual exposť of her infidelity is met with unbelief. Every report of her treachery falls on the deaf ear of irrational incredulity.

Will yet another generation of children rise up and call her blessed?

Sadly, most Christians will not or cannot think for themselves. They rather prefer to parrot the compromising prattle of pandering preachers who assure them that their entire duty to God and man is to drop a tithe in the offering plate and pull the lever marked "Republican" at the polls.

Why do so many conservatives agonize so over the prospect of leaving the Republican Party? The Republican Party deserted them long ago! They have been demoted to the doghouse. Their "place at the table" is underneath it, where they crouch down and lick their master's hand, and wait for whatever scraps he might throw them.

How has the cause of Liberty advanced since the last election? Republicans have for some time now controlled the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the White House. (And Republicans appointed a supermajority - 7 out of 9 - of the current U.S. Supreme Court Justices.)

Yet the legal murder of unborn children continues practically unabated. The blood of millions of innocent babies cries out in horror from the ground, inviting down on this land the wrath and judgment of a thrice-holy God. And Jim DeMint has voted to fund Planned Parenthood, the country's largest abortion provider. Jim DeMint has voted to fund a Health and Human Services bill that provides birth control pills to underage children even over the objection of their parents.

The legal plunder of the American people still continues by means of the

graduated income tax. Jim DeMint's answer: a national (read: federal) 23%

income tax directly on the American people, not from the states apportioned by population.

A Marxian wealth redistribution plan is still supported by an endless array of welfare and other entitlement programs. And at the Republican freak-fest in New York last month, the main theme was "out-pandering the Democrats".

160,000 American troops are in Iraq; many are maimed and others are killed every day. For what? To punish a two-bit dictator because he "defied the

United Nations"? To search out and destroy more imaginary weapons of mass

destruction? To bring "democracy" to the people of Iraq, who despise our God and hate our guts?

Now that we have deposed a petty tyrant on the other side of the world, who was never a threat to the security of the United States, and whose alleged involvement in the World Trade Center attack has never been proven, how much safer are we?

With 160,000 troops, properly assigned to the defense of the United States of America, we could man the US/Mexico border from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico with an armed soldier every 75 feet!

The United Nations, the very seat of anti-US sovereignty, still sits on the banks of the East River, and from that execrable edifice there still flows all the filth of communism, globalism, and the New World Order.

The Federal Department of Education is now enjoying its largest budget increase in history. You may remember that only a few years ago the Republican Party proposed to abolish the Department of Education. (There is, after all, no constitutional authorization whatsoever for it or any other such federal agency to exist.) But now, so that No Child [may be] Left Behind and escape the values clarification provided by the government schools, the Republican Party, with the support of Jim DeMint, has armed the federal Department of Education with a 60 billion dollar budget.

The Armed Forces of the United States once looked for "a few good men" - today, they flout over 200 years of military tradition and coddle sodomites. Mr. Bush could, with the mere stroke of a pen, reverse this Clintonian indecency, but apparently his compassionate conservatism prohibits him from doing so.

The trade deficit, due largely to our trade imbalance with "most favored" communist China, is the largest in history. Jim DeMint voted for Most Favored Nation trading status for Communist China, and says that "China is not our enemy."

Where were the Republican leaders when the antinomians descended like brute beasts on the Heart of Dixie, and rent from her fair hand and from her people the very Law of God?

Gentlemen, there is no longer any room for hope. It should be obvious by

now that there is not a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. Why do Southern Christians keeping returning to the Republican Party like a dog returns to its vomit?

The United States of America is being invaded. Hordes of illegal aliens from Mexico are swarming across our undefended Southern border every day. Illegal immigration is destroying this country - economically, politically, and culturally. And neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are doing anything to stop illegal immigration.

The proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), which has the support of both major parties, would weld the United States economically, commercially, and politically to 34 other far less stable and less prosperous nations in the Western Hemisphere. The FTAA would further erode U.S. sovereignty and effectively erase our borders. Imagine 34 more states and their populations being added to the U.S.A. But it would not be people from states like South Carolina, Georgia, or Tennessee - it would be people from states like Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

Jim DeMint, my Republican opponent, supports the FTAA wholeheartedly, and heralds it as "the cornerstone of President Bush's vision for free trade in the Western Hemisphere." Supporting George Bush with his open borders policy and the FTAA is Jim DeMint's idea of securing the future.

What future is this? A future where your children and mine are in the minority? A future of squalor, poverty, crime, and disease, the inevitable result of massive Third World immigration? This is cultural terrorism and

national suicide! Shall this be our future? Forbid it, Almighty God! I

beg you, gentlemen, do not cast the precious pearls of our heritage before the swine of multiculturalism! Do not sacrifice on the altar of diversity that liberty for which our fathers effused on innumerable battlefields so much noble blood!

My plan for securing the future of the United States is to secure it for Americans - not for illegal immigrants who criminally invade our country.

In the United States Senate, I will work to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. I will introduce legislation to strengthen fences, deploy U.S. troops to guard our borders, cut off all forms of aid to the intruders, and DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS.

I will work to restore the Constitution for the United States of America, and return to the States and to the people all the powers that the federal government has unlawfully usurped.

Your vote for Patrick Tyndall for U.S. Senate will NOT be wasted. It is a vote for Life, Truth, and Liberty.

Patrick Tyndall

P.O. Box 80217
Simpsonville, SC 29680-0217


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