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Southerners for Peroutka

Dear Friends,

Are you tired of the Republican Party taking your vote for granted? One day they espouse conservative values, the next they support open borders. One day they tell you they will protect Our Heritage, the next they take down our Flags or in the case of Texas - Plaques. And the list goes on.

Are you tired of the Democratic Party attacking Our Heritage while espousing every other heritage under the Sun. They espouse even more open borders and the list goes on and on.

Well if this style of government, brought to you by the Republican and Democratic Parties bothers you, consider sending a real message this November. Take a few minutes and check the campaign of Michael Peroutka - After all if a candidate is willing to publicly defend Southern Heritage he is worth looking into. President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Senators Kerry and Edwards have publicly discredited Southern Heritage.

If you like what you see:

The Southerners for Peroutka campaign signs:

The Southerners for Peroutka campaign signs are now available for order ! They may be viewed/ ordered at the Southerners for Peroutka web site -- The sign will be rectangular & have a the St. Andrews Cross ( aka Confederate Battle Flag) on top & the words "Peroutka for President" below in blue.

These signs will be made of "milk carton" material rather than the heavy corrugated plastic that has become more common these days. This was done for cost-saving purposes -- we can get MANY more signs for the same price & if they are torn down ( which we know they will be) they can be cheaply & easily replaced. We need to order a minimum of 5000 & blanket the South with these. We already have pre-orders to put nearly 1000 in a six county area in South/ Central, Mississippi ( between Jackson, Hattiesburg, & Laurel)-- any body want to top that ?

The First Southerners for Peroutka flyer is available:

A pdf flyer is now available for distribution, click here.

The election is only 2 months away. Help is needed NOW if we're going to overcome the media blackout & send them a message they won't soon forget. Do your part to promote our flag.

For more information contact:

P. Leslie Riley, Jr.
Mississippi State Chairman
The Constitution Party
(662)-447-2577 (home)
(662)-369-8745 (office)


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Southern Party of Georgia
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton Georgia 30560

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How To Stay Informed

Please consider supporting the Southern Party of Georgia candidates:

Mike Crane, Georgia Senate District 51 -
Kenny Rowland, Effingham County Sheriff -

other announcements pending ... please consider making a monthly contribution that fits your budget through the November elections. No contribution is too small and these men are working to provide A Real Choice, one that you can be proud to support.

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