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Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis is a retired radio-TV journalist living in Gainesville, GA. Active in civic and political affairs, he is past president of the Georgia Jaycees, former vice president of the US and the world Jaycees, former campaign chairman of the Georgia Republican party. He voluntarily serves as chairman of the Georgia Heritage Council. He is a collateral descendant of President Jefferson Davis and a member of SCV Camp 1418 in Cleveland, GA.

Liberty Lost - Part 6
Commentary by J. A. Davis

"The last thing a communitarian calls for is to abolish any right, let alone privacy. But no right is absolute and all must be balanced against the common good." ---Amitai Etzioni, Tikkun, Vol.12, No.1, (January/February 1997), pp. 66-67.)

"Bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression." --Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural address, 1801

"[Communitarians] emphasize they seek innovative ways to "balance" the ongoing "tension" between Americans' individual liberty and social responsibility. They preach as if their platform is more "moral" than the original American political system of liberty, freedom and equal justice for all under an agreed upon system of protective laws. They sing a soft lullaby for the American ideal of national prosperity and lure American politicans into relinquishing national sovereignty to a modified, "softer" international Marxist system, often called the Third Way (Etzioni 2000, Blair 1993). " ---Niki Raapana, from The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking

"What more is necessary to make us a happy and a prosperous people? Still one thing more, fellow-citizens—a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government." --Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural address, 1801

In my previous column I promised to try to bring closer examination and understanding of what I believe to be the almost secret and little known effort to destroy these United States as we know them.

My previous message asked, "Is any one there? Does any one care?"

The answer is yes, there are a few patriots there, and there are a few who care. Unfortunately, they have become victims of the historic ploy of those who are hellbent on not selling, but giving away our Republic to a vicious consortium of Communitarians who, little by little, incrementally, have already put our government and laws in the hands of an elitist global plan.

Lest you join a well organized effort by the political traitors who have sold our liberty and want it kept quiet by dismissing people such as myself, and other members of the Georgia Heritage Council, as nutcases, allow me to document some little discussed facts.

Some legislative leaders in twelve states have shown they are there, and they do care. Among them, a valiant group in Georgia, led by Nancy Schaefer, also classified as a nutcase, who have attempted to expose and remove Georgia from the conspiracy to make a gift of our liberty to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.

The bad news is that the Communitarians who control both political parties in Georgia shot down Georgia's attempt to withdraw from the North American Union. Not once, but twice, in the Georgia Senate, where it was killed and refused for reconsideration.

We have solidly embedded trilaterals in our midst in Georgia and most of the people in the state have no idea they have lost a large share of their liberty and are losing it all as these tyrants roll over on our Republic.

To those of you who are just becoming aware, this is the North American Union, a stepping stone to melding the U.S. with the Communitarian European Union.

What does it mean to you? It means no more borders. It provides for a huge North American highway open to unregulated truckers and drivers to deliver goods produced by near slave labor, with a clear design to destroy free enterprise in the U. S. and the overall Communitarian goal of eliminating the middle class altogether.

It includes provisions to destroy the Social Security system the U. S., by expanding benefits to foreign workers who qualify with requirements far less than U. S. citizens.

It encompasses the diminishment of the U. S. legal system, or what's left of it, to become part of a tri-lateral system, which denies many first amendment rights to all of us. If implemented, I could go to prison for writing a column which some one may consider offensive or critical of others to the extent I am guilty of "hate thoughts", or "hate speech." Worse, under the plan, now in effect in Canada, I would get no public opportunity to defend myself, or have legal representation. And the truth is no defense. Regardless of the truthfulness of your words, if they are deemed "hate speech," you go to jail.

Pretty scary, eh? Don't think you're immune. Under the plan there will be encouragement for your neighbors and even your children to report you. Does that ring a bell?

I don't mind being called a nutcase. I have before, many times. In each and every case, I have been vindicated by the truth as the truth became known. This time, I fear the truth may never be known.

Just one historical instance from the past is when a small group of us became concerned over the determination of the leading nuclear powers of the world, the Soviet Union and the United States, avowed a policy of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD). Under the leadership of Lt. General Dan Graham, former head of America's largest defense intelligence agency, and Dr. Edward Teller, pioneer in nuclear development, a group of volunteers was formed into an organization called High Frontier. We nutcases worked our tails off to encourage the development of space for peaceful purposes and to use it for defensive purposes only. We formulated the plans for a ballistic defense system that we were willing to share with the world, including the Soviets.

Another nutcase, President Reagan, put our plan into effect under the title of the Strategic Defense Initiative (the hostile media dubbed it "Star Wars"). The Soviet Union couldn't economically match it which led to their ultimate collapse and break up into independent nations. It remains in place today, though the enemies continue to try to dismantle it, or seriously cripple it by withholding funds to enhance it.

There are efforts every day to dismiss as fantasy what I am trying to say to you now. Those who are involved are in your own neighborhoods. They voted against SR 124 here in Georgia. They are watching those of us who are trying to expose them. They have a campaign with a very cooperative media which for the most part refuses to even research what is taking place.

Some of the people who are involved have no idea of what Communitarianism is. They don't really comprehend the implications of what they support. They blindly follow the leadership of their parties who are equally dominated by the various entities of the global empire which includes the largest and most powerful institutions in the world including the Federal Reserve System, the largest corporations who are motivated by pure greed and power over all legislation, and the people we elect to office who are almost total puppets of the cartel, many of whom entered office with the purest intentions, only to be compromised as team players for personal survival.

So you see, often in my years I have felt like a lonely voice in the wilderness wondering if anyone is there, if there is anyone who cares. If ever we needed to arouse the citizenry, it is now. This takeover of our republic is real. It is underway. Congress has abandoned its authority. The courts were long ago compromised. A huge bureaucracy is at work every day implementing all of the elements of a total world government.

The puppet president tells us he is protecting us. Now I ask you, who are the nutcases? They're all around you, because they believe the president is protecting us. So much so that if they could, they would report us all for being disloyal to even question what is taking place. Soon, with further implementation, they will be encouraged to do so.

Finally, I want to say of those who like to criticize the true patriotism of us at GHC as a bunch of nutty Confederates in order to assail our credibility, yes, we are a bunch of proud descendants of Confederates, joined by folks who aren't, who loved and fought for the original Constitution of these states. Much of our liberty was lost when the cause of the Second War of Independence ended. It continues to be lost today in proportions far greater than the intrusions of the past.

Are you there? Do you care?

Jeff Davis is a retired radio-TV journalist living in Gainesville, GA. Active in civic and political affairs, he is past president of the Georgia Jaycees, former vice president of the US and the world Jaycees, former campaign chairman of the Georgia Republican party. He voluntarily serves as chairman of the Georgia Heritage Council. He is a collateral descendant of President Jefferson Davis.

Contact: Telephone 770 297-4788 P-6, 2363 North Cliff Colony Drive Gainesvlle, GA  30501



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