"If I ever disown, repudiate, or apologize for the Cause for which Lee fought 
and Jackson died, let the lightnings of Heaven rend me, and the scorn of all 
good men and true women be my portion. Sun, Moon, Stars, all fall on me when 
I cease to love the Confederacy. 'Tis the cause, not the fate of the Cause, 
that is glorious!" -- Maj. R. E. Wilson, C.S.A.
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State Officers:

Mr. Bradford Isbell
Phone - (770) 227-0052
1st Vice Chairman:
Mr. Al Avant
Phone - (770) 220-2769
2nd Vice Chairman:
Mrs. Pam Crane
Phone - (877) 903-0996
3rd Vice Chairman:
Mr. Mike Crane
Phone - (877) 903-0996
Mr. John Hall
Phone - (770) 594-2722

County Chairmen & Coordinators:
NOTE: Click on a County to go to that County's web page; or click on the Chairman/Coordinator's name to send he/she a e-mail.

1. Baldwin County:
Mr. Gerald L. Smith
2. Bartow County:
Mr. Jeremy Davis
3. Ben Hill County:
Mr. Donald During
4. Bleckley County:
Mrs. Elaine Bowman
5. Bryan County:
Ms. Ainsley Broussard Dunn
6. Catoosa County:
Mr. Jimmy Rogers
7. Chatham County:
Mr. John Blair
8. Chattooga County:
Mr. Charles Stoker
9. Clarke County:
Mr. Douglas Hutcheson
10. Cobb County:
Mr. Frederick Amos
11. Colquitt County:
Mr. Charles Parks
12. Columbia County:
Mr. Jim Stachowiak
13. Dodge County:
Mr. Adam Dixon
14. Echols County:
Mr. John Miller
15. Emanuel County:
Mr. James E. Smith
16. Evans County:
Mr. James Derwood Tootle 
17. Fannin County:
Mr. Grantland McGee
18. Fayette County:
Mr. Harold Harrison, Jr
19. Forsyth County:
20. Franklin County:
Mr. Frank Poole
21. Fulton County:
Mr. George Parker 
22. Gilmer County:
Rev. Father John David Jones
23. Glynn County:
Miss. Yvonne D. LaRoche
24. Gwinnett County:
Mr. Carl Bergman
25. Hall County:
Mr. Jim Yarbrough
26. Haralson County:
Mr. Kevin Thompson
27. Jasper County:
Mr. Craig Wall
28. Liberty County:
Mrs. Ginger Crawford
29. Marion County:
Mrs. Debra Pastuszynska
30. Oglethorpe County:
Mr. Jimmy Paul
31. Paulding County:
Mr. David Cato 
32. Pickens County:
Mr. Robert Thacker
33. Spalding County:
Mr. Bradford Isbell
34. Stephens County:
Mr. Jimbo Henson
35. Troup County:
Mr. James D. McDonald
36. Tift County:
Mr. Will Wagner
37. Union County:
Mr. Joseph Adams
38. Walton County:
Mr. Russell Davis
39. Wayne County:
Mr. Jack Kelly
40. Whitfield County:
Mr. Mike Whitfield


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