The Georgia Party and Southern Party of Georgia met in joint Convention
on 28 October at the Plantation Lodge in Jackson, Georgia. Mr. Steve
Conner chaired the meeting and called it to order at 10:00 AM.

Mr. Conner led the Convention in the Invocation. The Georgia Flag was
presented by the 24th Georgia Infantry represented by Sgt. Frank Poole
and Pvt. Jimbo Henson, followed by the Pledge to the Georgia Flag.
Captain Michael Chandler and Cpl. Mike Whatley led the convention in
"Dixie", both are with the 24th Georgia.

Mr. Conner chaired the debate and vote on the proposed Constitution,
section by section and the Constitution was ratified as proposed. Next
the Convention took up the discussion of establishing the name of the
merged party. The following names were placed in nomination, Georgia
Southern Party, Georgia Sovereignty Party, Georgia Independence Party,
Georgia Party and Southern Party of Georgia. After considerable debate
the initial vote resulted in none achieving a majority so there was a
run-off between the top two, Georgia Party and Southern Party of
Georgia. The Southern Party of Georgia carried in the run-off and is the
official name of the Party.

The Convention broke for a dinner break and resumed around 1:30 PM.

The elected officials and county chairman in attendance were recognized.
Mr. Glenn Goodson was elected to the Spalding County School Board in
July and will take office in January. The following County Chairmen were
in attendance, Baldwin - Mr. Gerald Smith; Catoosa - Mr. Jimmy Rogers;
Fannin - Mr. Michael Chandler; Fayette - Mr. Harold Harrison, Jr.;
Forsyth - Mrs. Barbara Cunningham; Franklin - Mr. Frank Poole; Stephens
- Mr. Jimbo Henson; Union - Mr. Mike Whatley. 

Based upon the ratified Constitution officers were elected as follows:

Chairman - Mr. Bradford Isbell
1st Vice Chairman - Mr. Al Avant
2nd Vice Chairman - Mrs. Barbara Cunningham
3rd Vice Chairman - Mr. Mike Crane
4th Vice Chairman - Mr. Steve Conner
Secretary/Treasurer - Mr. John Hall, CPA

The elected officers were installed, and the Convention was turned over
to the 1st Vice Chairman, Mr. Al Avant (The newly elected Chairman being
in Switzerland on a business trip).

Mr. Conner was given an ovation for the excellent and very fair manner
of presiding over the previous portion of the Convention.

Mr. Avant opened the floor for New Business and several items were
discussed and voted on.

The need for updated literature was discussed and assigned to the
Executive Committee. The Flag Rally on 11 November was discussed. 
Mr. Frank Poole made a motion to have the Party registered for the 
national re-enactment event in Georgia this year which carried. Mr. Poole 
was authorized to proceed with obtaining the required registration.

No further business being presented, Mr. Harold Harrison led the
Convention in prayer and Mr. Avant accepted a motion for adjournment
which passed without opposition.

The Convention adjourned at approximately 4:00 PM.

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