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Letter to Vanguard Index Fund about Coke, please review

At some point, surely Coke will realize that their participation is the Georgia Business PAC is a matter of public record and take enough time to at least come up with a new form letter to send in response.

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Coca-Cola Enterprises North American sales down 4%, surprise, surprise, surprise

It is interesting that just last month we sent a letter to the CEO and Board of Directors of Coca-Cola Enterprises along with the preceding correspondence with the parent company Coca-Cola. Of course they ignored it, not even having the courtesy of acknowledging receipt.

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Republican Eric Johnson - Pushed Chamber Tax Increases

In both the 2003 and 2004 Legislature Session, Republican Eric Johnson has been a champion for tax increases. In 2003 he helped the Chamber get the Vote on the state Flag removed for a tax increase. And in 2004 Republican Eric Johnson is credited by the same Chamber for getting their Sewer Tax passed.

Senator Johnson had previously signed the American's For Tax Reform "No tax Increase" Pledge and is listed on their Hall Of Shame among the other elected officials who broke their pledge.

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AJC endorses "No; Confederate Flags" Public Service Commissioner

Well in our opinion our recommendation for Public Service Commissioner has just been confirmed. The Atlanta Journal has endorsed the incumbent, Robert Baker. This is the man who thought that it was fine for "Bell South" to prohibit Confederate Flags from Yellow Page advertising.

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Anti-Southern Corporation article (Coke) and Voter Gudie

With those results, new Chairman and Chief Executive E. Neville Isdell was left to reiterate what he's said before that Coke needs improvement on many levels.

"Overall, I'm not pleased," said Isdell, who is still early in the process of trying to formulate a turnaround plan for Coca-Cola.

Coke's third quarter, which was dampened by poor results in North America and parts of Europe, closed with profits of $935 million, or 39 cents per share.

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Update on Coke from Dr. William Swann

The following is written by Dr. William Swann who led the way in starting this effort to get Coke out of politics and to recognize our common Heritage. We hope that all will take a few minutes and read his comments.

They are very much on the mark, and he is correct that the success to date is your success. He is also correct that Coke has taken the attitude of just dismissing us as a bunch of yahoo's. Of course you know that anybody that happens to think anything positive about Southern Heritage is a yahoo. That even includes the inventor of Coke and virtually the whole company up until political correctness set in a few years ago.

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Letter To Coca-Cola Enterprises - Board of Directors sent

This will be the first of a monthly letter to one of the many bottling companies that distribute Coke products. So far - Coke executives have shown that they care more about their politically correct agenda and capability to buy government influence than either their long time customers or stockholders. But this is a position that will crumble over time.

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Letter to CCE Board of Directors, please review

Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. is the primary Coke bottling company for North America. As you will see in following articles they also participate in various Political Action Committees. It is time that they are officially notified that the efforts of Coke and its associated companies should get out of politics and quit trying force their politically correct agenda on the American public.

A draft letter is presented below. This is your effort and your comments, suggestions and corrections are welcome. Standing together we can preserve our birthright for our future generations and put a crimp in political correctness run amok in our country. This letter with any modifications will be sent next Monday, October 11.


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Letter To Board of Directors sent, now for Coca-Cola Enterprises

The letter below has been sent to the Coke Board of Directors. While they mull over the growing boycott we need to introduce ourselves to the bottling company. This is actually a separate company and our boycott affects them just as much. A sample letter will be posted later this week.

The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out  of Politics Petition

Keep spreading the word, we think that CCE should know why their business is declining, not growing! We are sure that their stockholders will be interested.


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Letter To Coke Board of Directors, please review

With the recent announcement by the new Coke Chief Executive Officer that their sales in North America are down, it is time for us to once again, let them know why.

Coke was invented by a Confederate officer and for many years Coke used it's history to sell it's products. In fact it was the large base of Southern customers that gave Coke the early success which made the company  the worlds largest.

But then came political correctness and globalism. Today Coke has become just another corrupt American corporation and the management sold not only their heritage but ours as well on the auction block of political correctness.


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Coke helps remove Southern Flag in Augusta, Georgia

Once again:

Those who preach diversity, practice exclusion. Those who preach tolerance practice intolerance.

The NAACP in Augusta has instructed the City of Augusta that the NAACP will determine what Flags will fly. After all, the Chamber types across Georgia have already stated that the NAACP will be their spokesman on what the citizens of Georgia can do and think.

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Corrupt Corporations, Corrupt Government and the People pay the price

Once again the unholy influence of corrupt corporations is taking its toll on the People of Georgia, this time in the city of Atlanta and surrounding counties. Depressed economies are something that far too many Georgians are familiar with, but it has been uncommon in Atlanta.

We have seen major corporations, one after another get involved in forcing political correctness upon all of Georgia expending funds, effort and attention on gaining legislative influence. Delta and Mirant both obsessed with forcing their views on the State Flag on the People of Georgia are struggling for their existence. Delta is a leading exporter of jobs to India via outsourcing. Both have experienced layoffs.


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