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Southern Party of Fannin County

Chairman: Mr. Grantland McGee
  Contact - 706-632-8542 or
 1st Vice Chairman: Mr. Michael Chandler
2nd Vice Chairman: Mr. Mark Kincaid
Secretary: Mrs. Pam Crane  
E-mail -
Treasurer: Mrs. Janet Kincaid  
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 Chaplin: Pastor Tim Miller   
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Meetings: The Southern Party of Fannin County meets at the Blue Ridge Mountain Restaurant on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM.


8th February - Southern Party of Fannin County meeting 
 The February meeting of the Southern Party of Fannin County was opened with prayer and a pledge to our True State Flag of Georgia. Mr. Grantland McGee Sr., Chairman, received a certificate from Mr. Bradford Isbell, Chairman and Mr. Mike Crane, 3rd Vice-Chairman of County Development, both of the Southern Party of Georgia, as the FIRST chartered County Party. Then Mr. Crane gave a presentation on what is happening across the State in efforts to restore our flag, of which Fannin County is participating in the county efforts. The floor was opened for discussion and a suggestion was made that we need to educate the general public, possibly by forming a committee to write factual columns and distribute to local newspapers for publication. A drawing followed with Mr. McGee presenting three lucky winners a pocket knife containing a Battle Flag emblem, a True Georgia State Flag and a cassette tape with some fine Southern tunes! 

A picture of Mr. McGee receiving the Fannin County Charter certificate follows:

11th January - Southern Party of Fannin County meeting 
A very historic meeting as the county party completed the 
requirement to receive a Charter and held elections. 

The following officers were elected:

Chairman Grantland McGee
1st Vice Chairman Michael Chandler
2nd Vice Chairman Mark Kincaid
Secretary Pam Crane
Treasurer Janet Kincaid
Chaplain Pastor Tim Miller

At the 8 February meeting, the Southern Party of Georgia Chairman,
Bradford Isbell will present the Charter and all are invited to this
historic meeting.

29th August - First Billboard contract signed!
The Southern Party of Union County, Southern Party of Fannin County and the Southern Party of Georgia are very pleased to announce that the contract for the first billboard of the "Billboards Across Georgia" effort has been signed. A lighted, full size billboard (12' x 21') close to the Fannin/Union County line on the four lane should be completed and up around 15 September.

The Fannin County portion of the cost of this billboard (1/3) is being financed by monthly pledges in the amount of $5.00, 10.00 or 20.00. If you would like to make a monthly pledge to this very useful effort, send name and amount of monthly pledge to Help us to become “A Real Choice for the People of Fannin County” and return good government to our county.

See Southern Party of Georgia Event Calendar for upcoming meetings and events in Fannin County.

Elected officials in Fannin County:
Check back soon as this section is being compiled.

Voter Registration Statistics for Fannin County:


Black Female Voters

Black Male Voters

White Female Voters

White Male Voters

Other Voters

Total Voters








Some Typical Elections:
2000 General Primary - 18 July - Georgia State Representative
Democratic District 6 642
Republican District 6 932
Democratic District 7 343
Republican District 7 1,217
Total 3,134 26.64% of registered voters

Check back for others being compiled