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Please read the following two newspaper articles of recent events here in Fannin County. The governor stole our State flag and at the same time sold our heritage on the auction block of special interests. We are standing up against the governor of atlanta and a state flag created in secret, by deceit & lies, an abomination. We have a flag rally, the 22nd of May at 6:00 PM, if at all possible I hope that you will consider supporting our efforts here in Fannin County. For further details, see event calendar at Please pass this own to all who should be interested.

The first article is very special. A local government has, at least for now, officially removed the Jesse Jackson flag. Lets be prepared to defend their action when King Roy responds.

No Georgia flag will fly at McCaysville City Hall
Council removes flag from city hall, investigates flying old Georgia flag

No Georgia state flag will fly over the city of McCaysville for the next few weeks. Councilman Edward Massengale said he was offended by the new flag and the way it was adopted "because of the disrespect I think it has shown for the men who fought for Georgia."

After seeing the new state flag on the city hall flagpole, Massengale introduced a proposed resolution on May 8 governing display of the new and former state state flags on city property.

His motion which would have limited flying the new state flag only to official state holidays except Confederate Memorial Day died for lack of a second.

After discussion, however, the council instructed Clerk Nancy McGaskey to fly no state flag until the matter can be researched further.

(The above article is from "The News Observer", Friday - 11 May edition)

Georgia flag protesters fan the flames in Fannin County

 by Ron Clayton, Correspondent

To see more pictures, click on the link below.

Fannin Flag Change

BLUE RIDGE, Ga. -- Mike Crane considers the former state flag of Georgia as a "memorial to our ancestors that should be flying on the flag pole." 

He interprets state law as making it illegal to remove such a memorial. So when Fannin County Commissioner Richard "Doc" Vollrath purchased several of the new Georgia flags to fly at the county courthouse, Mr. Crane and others believed it their duty to take them down and fly the "Peoples Georgia Flag." 

The new flag -- approved this year -- removes as a dominant feature the Confederate battle flag emblem. The change was pushed through the General Assembly without a vote of the people, the protesters note. 

"Actually we've done it three times," said Mr. Crane about taking down the new flag. The most recent incident awarded him and local resident Mike Chandler a trip to the Blue Ridge Police Department. However, no charges were filed, according to officials. Commissioner Vollrath has repeatedly declined to comment on the protesters' actions. 

"On March 22, they put it up, and Vollrath said we had to fly it or be fined," said Mr. Crane about the new flag. He said he called the secretary of state's office and found out the flags had not been sent by the state, and there was no law setting a fine.

The last time the new flag was taken down, the entourage brought down the banner and raised the old flag to the tune of Dixie "in broad daylight," said Mr. Crane. 

When asked about the flag situation, Commissioner Vollrath replied several times, "I have no comment." 

Sharon LaVallee said she supports adopting the former state flag as an official Fannin County flag. That would allow flying the flag without interference, she said. 

"We had planned a flag rally before the commissioners' meeting," said Mrs. LaVallee. "But when they found out, the commissioners canceled their meeting." 

Citizens plan to present signed petitions to commissioners at their meeting tonight. 

"Up here it's like a lot of places where people want the flag back," said Commissioner Randy Collins. He believes the question of making the former flag a county flag should be discussed by the three-member commission, though he is not sure adopting it would be legal. He said Dr. Vollrath and Commissioner Yvonne McNelley have opposed discussion, and "I don't think the other two commissioners will ever do it," said Mr. Collins. 

He said he thinks most people in the county support keeping the former flag flying.

(The above article was from  Tue, 08 May 2001 edition of the Chattanooga Times - Free Press)

22nd May - True Georgia State Flag Rally in Blue Ridge, Georgia
There will be a True Georgia flag rally at the Fannin County Courthouse on Tuesday 22 May in Blue Ridge at 6 PM. This rally is in support of our the local effort to adopt our True State flag as a County flag, and to let Commission Chairman Richard Volrath know that we do not appreciate his lying to us and making a mockery of our heritage. While indicating that the County Commission would consider our legitimate request, he quickly ordered 4 Jesse Jackson flags, so that they could fly over Fannin County during April, Confederate History Month. The Jesse Jackson rag was removed in broad daylight three times during the month. Mr. Volrath even lied by trying to state that they came from the SoS.

All are requested to bring their flags, and at the end of the rally follow us into the County Commission meeting. Your support is needed.

For further information or to be added to the Southern Party of Fannin County announcement list, contact Mike Crane at or 1-877-903-0996.

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