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Georgia Flag FAIR Vote Bill

After several years of corrupt politicians using the State Flag as a bargaining chip A Georgia State FLAG Fair Vote bill has been pre-filed in the Legislature. The politically correct, large Atlanta corporations and their cronies in public office do not want the people to vote.

HB15 would simply let the People of Georgia Vote on their State Flag in a FAIR Vote.

Contact your State Representative and Senator and let them know that there is something American about letting the People Vote. Even the People in the Ukraine got a FAIR Vote, why not Georgia?


Fair Vote - hb15 

Flag bill draws support

FAIR Vote - hb15

December 28, 2004

Albany -- The Georgia flag issue will once again be debated when the General Assembly convenes next month.

Two Representatives have pre-filed a bill calling for a referendum, with Georgia voters choosing between the 1956 Georgia flag or the 2003 Flag.

Supporters of the 1956 flag, like Albany's Robin Brown, feel the 2003 flag vote was rigged by Republicans, and they want a state election on these two choices.

 Brown said "The 1956 flag wasn't even included in the state referendum that we had this past year. So, the people of Georgia did not really have a voice in 2004 in determining the flag. And I think this house bill will give us that opportunity, to have our voices heard."

 Brown knows that the longer the 2003 flag flies in Georgia, the less chance that voters would bring back the 1956 flag. That's why supporters of the former state flag want the issue on the November 2006 ballot.

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Robert E. Lee Birthday Celebration - January 19 - Georgia State Capitol

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