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ALERT: Memphis City Council to consider desecrating graves and re-writing history

ALERT: Memphis City Council to consider desecrating graves and re-writing history

Believe it or not but the Memphis City Council will be debating the renaming of three Confederate Parks in Memphis AND digging up the graves of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife. Political correctness is certainly running amok in Memphis right now and needs to be stopped.

Below we have included a statement by Commander Jack Bridwell of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Below that is the contact information for the Memphis City Council. We encourage every one to contact the Memphis Council and for those interested have supplied a letter writing tool. Phone numbers are available for those who prefer to communicate by phone.

Whatever your chosen method is, NOW is the time to be heard! Be firm but polite. At this time the City Council has not taken any action, our goal is to encourage them to leave the parks as is and let Mr. & Mrs. Forrest rest in peace.

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There is an attempt ongoing to rename several parks in Memphis, Tennessee, and at the same time to remove statues of various Confederate Heroes from these parks. The changes will remove the names of Confederate heroes to names which are “non-controversial”, you can use your imagination to come up with what they will probably be.

Following is a list of names of individuals who will have the final say on the “renaming” I urge each of you to either write, email or call each of them and suggest the names remain the same and that the removal of the statues not take place. If you are from a remote area, point out that the name change and statue removal will have a detrimental effect on any future visits on your and your friends visiting the city.

I ask that each of you remain civil, but firm, and refrain from any obscene or other language which could be used against our efforts.

Over the past years we’ve fought the battles over Flags and t-shirts, we know this was coming, it was just a matter of time, that time is NOW. Soon it will be coming to each of our home-towns, let’s stand together now and stop this attack before they establish a precedence. To use the words of Georgia Division Spokesman, Dan Coleman, “Who is surprised? We all have known this day was coming for some time. It is time to act. If not now, when?”

Incidentally, there will be a meeting to be held on this action, they hold their meetings on alternate Tuesdays, it is expected this issue will come up on the 9th of August. If you are in the area, it would be helpful if you could attend. I’ll supply the date and time when they become available to me. In the “mean time” cover them up with email, letters and calls.

Jack Bridwell
Cmdr. AOT


The following is a list of contact information for the Memphis City Council from the City web-site. We are providing a letter writing tool to assist in formatting a letter to the members of the Memphis City Council. Just click on the Take Action button and follow the instructions to generate draft letter. You can then edit the letter to include your personal comments (be firm but polite, no profanity or other derogatory comments - the City Council has taken to action yet). Then you can email it to the council member or yourself. We recommend that you send both email and send a letter by regular mail. It does require you to register an email and set a password of your chosing.

We also recommend that you send one to each of the members of the City Council.


E. C. Jones, District 1
(901) 358-2918


Brent Taylor, District 2

TaJuan Stout Mitchell, District 3
(901) 398-7408


Janet Hooks, District 4
(901) 278-1122

Carol Chumney, District 5
(901) 327-8528
(901) 844-7141


Edmund Ford, District 6, Chairman
(901) 396-1555

Barbara Swearengen Holt, District 7
(901) 458-9406

Joe Brown, Super District 8, Position 1, V. Chairman
(901) 274-4724

Rickey W. Peete, District 8, position 2
(901) 278-7464

Myron Lowery, District 8, Position 3
(901) 521-4300

Scott McCormick, Super District 9, Position 1
(901) 728-5630 ext 22
(901) 753-6014


Tom Marshall, District 9, Position 2
(901) 791-0115

Jack Sammons, District 9, Position 3
(901) 576-6786

Reference Article:

Sons of Confederate Veterans Press release on Memphis

Additional information located at:


Any web master who would like to install this letter tool on their sites, send me an email: The Southern Party is using a 60 day free trial and I can help you with the setup - Mike Crane.

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There are currently 19 citizens logged into the Southern Party of Georgia web site. Help spread the word and there will be more. Political correctness run amok will not end until we stop it.

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