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BEST government money can buy ... State of Georgia - Department of Revenue - Your Tax Dollars shipping jobs to India       BEST government money can buy ... State of Georgia - Department of Human Resources - Your Tax Dollars shipping jobs to India and soon China!      BEST government money can buy ... The following from public records:;   TOP CONTRIBUTORS, 2003-2004 (Federal Election Commission data Monday, March 29, 2004)           United Parcel Service - $1,049,685         AFLAC Inc - $653,192         BellSouth Corp - $619,800         Southern Co - $338,950         Bank of America - $337,969         Home Depot - $171,000         Coca-Cola Co - $147,950         King & Spalding - $146,710         Coca-Cola Enterprises - $128,050         Delta Airlines - $115,963         Powell, Goldstein et al - $112,500         Troutman Sanders - $110,665         SBC Communications - $97,400         HomeLife Communities Group - $93,750         Synovus Financial Corp - $87,750         McKenna, Long & Aldridge - $80,100         United Egg Assn - $72,490         Cox Enterprises - $71,250         Alston & Bird - $67,900         Butler, Wooten et al - $66,250          Republican Party Committees (Public Record) - Amount         GEORGIA PACIFIC - $50,000         MARCUS, BERNARD - $50,000         COCA COLA CO - $50,000         AFLAC - $50,000         PECOS INC - $26,000         INTERNATIONAL PAPER - $25,000         DELTA AIRLINES INC - $25,000         GEORGIA NURSING HOME ASSOC PAC - $25,000                   Democratic Party Committees - Amount         COCA COLA NORTH AMERICA - $50,000         IBEW COPE - $15,000         GEORGIA STATE AFL-CIO - $12,000         DELTA AIRLINES - $10,755         SEIU GENERAL FUND - $10,000         AFLAC - $10,000         PHILIP MORRIS USA INC - $10,000          BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY!!!         From November 2002 election through June 30, 2003 from Sonny Perdue Campaign reports (Public Record) $2,600,000.00 contributed to Sonny Perdue's campaign account. Some of his new found friends ...Sea Island Company $15,000          Lawyer Troutman Sanders $15,000         The Sun Trust Good[sic] Government Group $10,000         Atlanta developer Tom Cousins $10,000         Former Gov. Carl Sandersí law firm $5,000          Microsoft $5,000          Georgia Oilmens Association, $5,000         Coca Cola Company $5,000         Southtrust Corp. $5,000        Service Corporation International $5,000         McKenna Long Aldridge $5,000         BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY!!!         Contributions to the Georgia Business PAC Home Depot - $40,000.00       Mirant Corporation - $40,000.00       Delta Airlines - $20,000.00       Thomas Cousins - $30,000.00       Troutman Sanders - $10,000.00       Coca-Cola Corporation - $15,000.00       BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY!!!         Money PAID to steal the State Flag of Georgia        From Georgia Business PAC campaign reports (public record)       State Sen. Rooney Bowen (D-Cordele) $4,000       State Sen. Nathan Dean (D-Rockmart) $4,000       State Sen. Doug Haines (D-Athens) $4,000       State Sen. Jack Hill (D-Reidsville) $4,000       State Sen. George Hooks (D-Americus) $4,000       State Sen. Rene Kemp (D-Hinesville) $4,000       State Sen. Dan Lee (D-LaGrange) $2,000       State Sen. Richard Marable (D-Rome) $4,000       State Sen. Michael Meyer Von Bremen (D-Albany) $2,000       State Sen. Harold Ragan (D-Cairo) $2,000       State Sen. Faye Smith (D-Milledgeville) $4,000       State Sen. Terrell Starr (D-Jonesboro) $2,000       State Sen. Seth Harp (R-Midland) $4,000       State Sen. Bart Ladd (R-Dunwoody) $4,000       State Rep. Terry Johnson (D-Marietta) $4,000       State Rep. Mary Hodges Squires (D-Norcross) $3,000       State Rep. Rene Unterman (R-Loganville) $2,000       State Rep. Kathy Ashe (D-Atlanta) $2,000       State Rep. Mike Barnes (D-Hampton) $4,000       State Rep. Ken Birdsong (D-Gordon) $4,000       State Rep. Tom Bordeaux (D-Savannah) $2,000       State Rep. Hugh Broome (D-Donalsonville) $4,000       State Rep. Gail Buckner (D-Jonesboro) $1,000       State Rep. Mickey Channell (D-Greensboro) $2,000       State Rep. Ron Dodson (D-Lake City) $4,000       State Rep. Gerald Greene (D-Cuthbert) $2,000       State Rep. Michele Henson (D-Stone Mountain) $2,000       State Rep. Newt Hudson (D-Rochelle) $4,000       State Rep. Curtis Jenkins (D-Forsyth) $4,000       State Rep. Jimmy Lord (D-Sandersville) $4,000       State Rep. Nan Orrock (D-Atlanta) $1,000       State Rep. Richard Royal (D-Camilla) $4,000       State Rep. Wallace Sholar (D-Cairo) $4,000       State Rep. Tracy Stallings (D-Carrollton) $4,000       State Rep. Jim Stokes (D-Covington) $4,000       State Rep. State Rep. Doug Teper (D-Atlanta) $1,000       State Rep. Don Wix (D-Mableton) $3,000       State Rep. Brooks Coleman (R-Duluth) $3,000       State Rep. Mack Crawford (R-Zebulon) $4,000       State Rep. Burke Day (R-Tybee Island) $2,000       State Rep. Paul Jennings (R-Atlanta) $4,000       State Rep. Judy Manning (R-Marietta) $2,000       State Rep. Fran Millar (R-Dunwoody) $4,000      

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Second Annual SONNY LIED Fish Fry - Best Tall Tales in the State!!!

WHEN: Saturday, August 6, 2005 --- Noon to 2:00 P.M.
WHERE: Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter in Perry, GA. (Directions) - Exit 135 Just east of I-75

Perdue's "New Georgia" website invitation to cronies

That fishy smell is returning to Perry, Georgia on Saturday, August 6th...and to counter the stench of LIES and CORRUPTION, we plan to be there to dump Sonny in the grease, so to speak. Thousands of the Phony's Cronies will be on hand for the $10/plate fundraiser not to mention the regular traffic, so we'll be there to remind them all of the Promises that Sonny the Liar has broken. Last year all the flaggers had a great time! Bring the whole family! It will likely be hot, so bring hats, sunscreen and drinking water, especially for the little ones. Bring your '56 flags and your SONNY LIED signs!

Report & Photos from the First Annual Phony's Cronies FLAGGIN'

Don't Miss the Fun! Be there August 6th!

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