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How dare you insult this flag

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January 19, 2006 - Robert E. Lee Birthday Celebration at the Capitol

B.S. Perdue brags about the Major Lie

How dare you insult this flag

I read with sad amazement the editorial brief by Bob Caylor in The News-Sentinel. Caylor’s comparison of the Confederate battle flag to a shirt with a four-letter word for excrement on it should offend all readers but certainly any with any ties to the Southern states. His naive perceptions of America’s bloodiest war cause question as to exactly what level of educational attainment he may have risen.

Confederate Flag

Although we of the Indiana Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, agree with Bloomington South Principal Mark Fletcher that this issue provides a “teaching opportunity,” what will he do with it? Will the school system provide the same politically correct propaganda we were all fed as elementary school students or eliminate the ignorance of historical fact that caused his initial problem?

Should we continue to ignore the fact that the War between the States occurred because for the first time an American president called for 75,000 men to invade a weaker neighbor whose president declared, “We only wish to be left alone”? Will racial tensions be decreased if we continue to hide the fact that the U.S. Constitution protected the tragic condition of slavery for more than 80 years and did not end it for nearly a year after the Confederacy existed? Will high school students make better citizens if they don’t realize that soldiers who fought under the Stars and Stripes fought not to end slavery but rather to force the southern states back into a union for political rather than humanitarian reasons? Will we perpetuate the myth of “Father Abraham,” who declared repeatedly that this war was being waged not to end slavery but to preserve the Union? Why is it so hard for us all to admit that 19th-century America was a racist place to live and many lessons could be learned from it? Here are two reasons: The young scholars who could make a difference are not provided the facts of history, and newspapers print editorials based on sensational rants with no basis in fact.

I am proud to be a Son of a Confederate Veteran!

Stephen Lee Ritchie Recruiting Officer Indiana Division Sons of Confederate Veterans

A primer on Confederate flags

How is it possible that you identify a single flag (usually the Army of North Virginia Battle Flag) as “the” Confederate Flag? There were four “official” national flags, none of which is the battle flag that represented the Confederate States of America, the Bonnie Blue Flag, the First National Flag (also called the Stars and Bars, which closely resembled the American Flag on which it was based), the Second National Flag (called the Stainless Banner) and the last flag, technically still the legal flag of the Confederate States of America, the Second National Flag with a red vertical stripe on the outside right edge. There were approximately 80 versions of the Confederate Battle Flag.

You went on to say that “the flag of the Confederacy can’t be separated from that rebel government’s support for slavery and its secession that precipitated the Civil War.”

There are two factual mistakes in this single sentence; they are both common assumptions. First, since you are clearly talking about the battle flag, it was never connected with the Confederate government. It was a soldier’s flag. It never represented or stood for any political cause. The second error was your assumption that only the Confederate government stood for slavery. The first 13th Amendment, also known as the Crittenden Amendment, was to guarantee slavery in perpetuity. Its passage was endorsed by President Abraham Lincoln in his first inaugural address.

I appreciate that you used the word “precipitated” instead of “caused” in reference to the War for Southern Independence. The war was never civil as in a war between two or more parties for control of a single government. The Southern states wanted nothing to do with the Northern states or their government. They just wanted to be left alone. The war was not civil in nature or in the way the Union conducted it.

The Rev. William H. Swann Living Waters Ministries
Marietta, Ga.

Hoosiers are no example on race

I was amused by your comments on how the Confederate battle flag should be treated as gang colors or vulgar advertising and banned from Bloomington South High School in your state. As you editors know, but apparently won’t admit in print to your readers, Indiana was the center of Ku Klux Klan activities in the 1920s. In fact, it apparently is still the center of Klan activities. The only Klan members we ever see in North Carolina these days drive down from Indiana and try to pass themselves off as locals.

It would seem that the state flag of Indiana should be treated as gang colors or vulgar advertising for its long association with racism. What do you say, editors? Do you have the nerve to propose that? No? I didn’t think so.

Clint Johnson
Winston-Salem, N.C.

More anti-Southern hatemongering

“So much for the Confederate battle flag”? I never heard of such an uneducated editorial statement. To say the flag represents slavery is to show the ignorance of the person writing this editorial. The flag should be honored as representing American men who died fighting for their country, most of whom never owned slaves. The slaveowners were sold slaves by Yankee slave brokers. I guess Atlanta should bar anything representing Yankee Doodle Dandy in memory of the bombardment and murder of civilians by Yankee cannons with no Confederate army within 30 miles of Atlanta. No wonder hatemongers get a load of this kind of editorial and unload on the South, as usual.

Herb Koudelka Hot Springs, Ark.

Suppress only Confederate speech?

Bob Caylor’s statements about the Confederate flag are pretty outrageous but typical of today’s journalism. The campaign against the Confederate flag and indeed against the Confederacy (which translates into a campaign against history itself) was begun by the NAACP in 1987 and is filled with big lies, intimidating tactics and half-truths.

Suppression of freedom of speech and censorship of ideas are always wrong, but suppression of and censorship of the truth are unforgivable.

You only support freedom of expression some of the time, however, as another editorial brief the same day proves. You support censorship of all things Confederate, but not of people talking to the press.

Randolph Phillips
Shiloh, Ga.

What you can do to stop your school from banning symbols of Southern Heritage.

The following is from the Dixieoutfitters web site and should be of interest to many.

Step 1.

Click on this link, An Open Letter to Schools (opens in new window), and print the letter entitled "An open letter to schools considering banning Dixie Outfitters shirts" along with the "Dixie Outfitters' Mission Statement" and submit them to your school principal or administrator. Ask for his/her consideration of these documents in his/her decision regarding banning of Confederate symbols.

Step 2.

If your school official does not rescind the banning policy then you must organize a petition signing. Click here (opens in new window) for a form named "Petition" for you to use or to use as a guide.

Secure as many names as possible, complete with addresses and phone numbers. Encourage the petition signers to call their principal or school board members and express their displeasure at being denied their freedom of expression, as provided by the United States Constitution.

Step 3.

Contact your school board and request a time to speak at the next school board meeting. Contact all the people who signed the petition and tell them of the date and time of the school board meeting and ask them to come in support of the petition. Ask them to wear their Southern Heritage clothing.

Step 4.

If the petition and calls to the school board does not change the policy the next option is to sue the school board.

Contact a local lawyer of your choice or contact Kirk Lyons of the Southern Legal Resource Center. The SLRC contact information is as follows:

Phone: 1-800-370-3617,  1-828-669-5189

Mailing Address:
   PO Box 1235
   Black Mountain, NC 28711

Suggestions for resolving a school ban on Confederate symbols in your community.
By Kirk D. Lyons
Word Document | PDF Version

To report a heritage violation contact the SLRC case manager at 1-864-476-0656 and email at

The SLRC is a group of Southern lawyers specializing in Southern Heritage offenses. They may take your case at little or no cost to you.

Also, you may want to contact the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) at or check your phone book for a local office.

You may also contact your local Sons of Confederate Veterans. Their national website is Procedures for reporting a heritage violation are detailed at

We at Dixie Outfitters know that most Southern people are "live and let live people" with a high tolerance level and a firm belief that all should enjoy the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. We are not racist and do not hate people because of their color, but we cannot continue to allow the NAACP and the liberals to keep on destroying all vestiges of our Southern Heritage.

We have a right to be proud of our ancestors who gave their lives for their Southern homeland. We have a right to be proud of our Southern traditions and culture. The Confederate battle flag is a symbol of this heritage and culture. We have a right to be proud of this symbol. We must take a stand. We must continue the fight to save our Southern Heritage. I urge you to take all actions necessary to preserve our Southern culture.

Our ancestors were brave. They gave their lives for what they believed. Let us now summon the courage to start a petition drive or sign a petition or carry a flag and support our children and their legitimate Constitutional rights.

Best regards,

Dewey Barber
President, Dixie Outfitters

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