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VP Cheney Flagged

January 19, 2006 - Robert E. Lees Birthday Celebration at the Capitol

A Veterans Day Remembrance

VP Cheney Flagged

Many will remember a couple years ago when Vice President Cheney forced a family to NOT play Dixie in order for him to attend a funeral. Now think about that for just a minute folks. I was raised to believe that you attend a funeral to show respect for the deceased and support for a grieving family.

Not to force your own personal selfish demands upon a grieving family and to ridicule the final wishes of the deceased.

But apparently Vice President Cheney feels otherwise.

Showing such disrespect for a grieving family and recently deceased is hardly something most Georgians approve of. Have you ever wondered why so many Republicans have remained silent? Are they just scared of their "leadership" or do they just give lip service to such issues as family values and integrity?

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Flagging report.

First, let me thank Monika and Sarah for coming and getting him at the Museum.  I'm amazed that you were able to get to both locations.  I didn't think that it would be practical for any party to be at both flaggings because only half of us who tried to flag the VP last year at the Macon Centreplex managed to get through all the traffic and road blocks.  Way to go!  And thanks again for traveling all the way from the Georgia coast.  I'm sorry we missed y'all.

 Jimmy and I got caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic north of Perry on U.S. 41, so we didn't arrive at Henderson Village until about 4:25 p.m.  We went straight to the church on 41 just south of Ga 26, where we rendezvoused with Beau Palmer (LS and SCV member) in the parking lot.  As we were unfurling our three Veterans Memorial Georgia flags and preparing to make our approach, a Chevrolet with a Jeff Davis tag pulled into the parking lot.  Two men in suits with an earphone in one ear each stepped out and asked us if we were there to flag the VP.  We answered, "Yes, wouldn't you like to join us?"

"No, we are Secret Service and would be fired for that, but y'all enjoy yourselves.  Just stay on the south side of Ga 26 and don't make any aggressive-looking movements.  We're just here for security reasons, and you have your first amendment rights...."  We assured them that we were there for the VP to see us, that he would know exactly why we were flagging him, and that we had no other intentions.  Jimmy showed them two signs he had made that had the real Georgia flag with "CHENEY HATES DIXIE" printed in big red letters at the bottom.

So we made our way to the Ga 26/U.S. 41 intersection.  On the southeast corner was a formal-wear and bridal shop.  Its parking lot appeared to be the perfect staging area where we would be in plain view of the VP's entourage as they would approach from the east on 26.  But not to our surprise, the reconstructed lady running the shop came out and told us to get off her property.  I thought of pointing out to her that we were actually within 10 feet of the road and that that was road right-of-way, not her property.  But we expected the VP's arrival at any moment, so I didn't want to be distracted in an argument with a female scalawag.  We moved eastward to be in front of a residence next door.

While we waited for the VP, we received the usual friendly waves and horn honks from the vast majority of the passers-by, nearly half of whom were black.  The only disapproving looks were from whites, all of those female with one exception.

When the VP entourage arrived, we couldn't see anyone in the limo's, but those in the other vehicles looked surprised and highly offended.  I wish that I could offend such people every day.  It was a hoot!

One flagging closer to a free Georgia!


Subject: Re: [GAFlag] FW: Fwd: VP Cheney flagging intelligence update
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 00:22:54 -0500


Monika and Sarah were there. At the Air Force Base, Museum and at Henderson Village. At Henderson Village we were threatened by the local Stasi, and finally had to leave or "I will move you" as per officer ................ (I have the name, but will withhold it at present). Actually, the Secret Service Agent was rather nice compared to the local "law" officers. At 4 PM no one hat showed up so we decided that we would leave and head back home to South Georgia. Monika and Sarah 

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