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Published letter to the to the Editor of The Asheville Citizen Times  

By John Field Pankow

Asheville Citizen Times

In Sunday’s paper, I read of the vandalizing of graves in a Buncombe County cemetery. I cannot imagine the sort of cruel and vicious people who would do such a thing. In my opinion, the desecration of a grave is high up on the list of unforgivable sins.

To me, however, the campaign by certain groups to remove all the symbols and memorials to our Southern past amounts to the same thing...a desecration of graves. Every flag or monument that is removed, every plaque taken down, every school or street or bridge that is renamed, is no different from a broken tombstone. It is wanton and hateful violence directed at the dead who can no longer defend themselves.

I am proud of the dozen ancestors of mine who fought for the Confederacy, not a one of which ever owned a slave. I am also proud of the 60,000+ blacks who fought for the South. It was not a war over slavery any more that the Revolution was. It is high time we look at the true facts of that war, and time we take a stand that this desecration of our graves and our past must stop.

John Field Pankow

Mr. Pankow is an author, actor and a member of the Southern Party. We are indebted to him for his work.