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     Welcome to the Southern Party of Georgia's Reading Room.  Here you will find links to articles by some of the South's leading political thinkers on issues of importance to the Southern people.  Our special focus will be to feature articles on political devolution, Southern nationalism, and just about anything else that reinforces our belief that Southern independence is an idea whose time has finally come.

We will also touch upon other political and cultural issues that we believe are of interest to our readers and that we believe give weight to the idea that an independent Southern nation really is the best solution to the problems we are currently facing.

Title of Article Author  Date Added
The Great Struggle: Republic Or Empire? By Steven Yates 12th Feb. 2001
Decentralize or Fail! By Ron Holland 12th Feb. 2001
Majority rule equals tyranny By Walter E. Williams 14th Dec. 2000
An unseen cancer in the body politic By Walter Williams 14th Dec. 2000
A nation polarized By Walter Williams 14th Dec. 2000
Thomas S. Kuhn, the Culture War and the Idea of Secession By Steven Yates 25th Nov. 2000
Barbeque and the Battle flag By Jef Allen 15th Sept. 2000
It's time to part company By Walter Williams 15th Sept. 2000
To Alter and Abolish - Secession Movements on the Move By Diane Alden 8th Sept. 2000
The Feds versus the Indians By Thomas J. DiLorenzo 3rd Sept. 2000
The Viable Third Party in American Politics By John David Poole II 3rd Sept. 2000
Which is the Banner of Evil? By Jef Allen 2nd Sept. 2000
Giving Away Our Freedom: Is There a Point of No Return? By Michael Peirce 2nd Sept. 2000
Letter to the editor of the Advocate Messenger By Bradford Isbell 30th July 2000
Lest Darkness Fall By Mike Crane 21st July 2000
Group plans to protest at NAACP Convention By Greg Toppo of the AP 6th July 2000
Secessionist ideas gaining support Margaret N. O'Shea of the Augusta Cronicle 16th June 2000
Grass roots are greening in Dixie Julianne Munn Editorialist 16th June 2000
Published letter to the editor of The Asheville Citizen Times John Field Pankow
16th June 2000


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