"Every one should do all in his power to collect and disseminate the truth, in the hope it may find a place in history and descend to posterity. History is not the relation of campaigns, and to posterity. History is not the relation of campaigns, and battles, and generals or other individuals, but that which shows the principles for which the South contended and which justified her struggle for those principles." -- Gen. Robert E. Lee, C.S.A.

State Southern Party Sites
The Southern Party of North Carolina
The Kentucky Southern Party
The Southern Party of Louisiana
Independent Southern Party of Arkansas
Southern Independence Party of Tennessee
The Southern Party of Georgia
The Southern Party of Texas

Southron Heritage and Historical Research
South Carolina Heritage Coalition : Fighting to keep the flag in SC flying!
For the Love of Dixie : A great Southron site by a sweet Southron lady.
Dixie Net : The League of the South website - FSI NOW!
South Carolina League of the South : The Web Page of the South Carolina LS.   
Letters From the Front :  As written by the Confederate Soldiers themselves
Father Ryan Web-Page : Father Abram Joseph Ryan website.
Forrest Historical Society : General Nathan Bedford Forrest Historical Society. 
CSAnet : The E-Voice of the Old South
CSA Government Documents : Documents of the CSA Government.
SLRC Website : The Southern Legal Resource Center.
The SMI Website : The Southern Military Institute.
Dixie's Censored Subject : Black Slaveholders
DIXIECAUST : The Dixiecaust website
Other US State Secessionist Movements : Outside the Occupied CSA/South.
Foreign Secessionist Movements : Foreign Freedom Fighters!
Bigot Watch : Southern Anti-Bigotry Coalition
Jefferson Davis : Jefferson Davis Memorial Home Page
Shades of Grey : The Changing Focus of Stone Mountain Park
America's Caesar : Abraham Lincoln and the Birth of a Modern Empire
SCV Home Page : Sons of Confederate Veterans website
UDC Home Page : The United Daughters of the Confederacy
The Georgia LS Georgia State flag page : A great website by Georgia League of the South 
The Southern Traditionalist: Very good website by Jim Langcuster
The Jeffersonian Perspective : Based on the Writings of Thomas Jefferson
WORDS OF DIXIE : A great webpage by SPWVA Chairman Greg Kay

Copperhead Chronicle: A very well done ''Copperhead'' web page.
Southern Outlaw: A very nice Southern Pride site.
Fighting for Southron Freedom: A very well done website by William Smith of Ohio
Save Dixie: The Southeast Georgia chapter of the League of the South 
NC LS: North Carolina League of the South homepage.
The Federalist/Anti-Federalist Papers: A great website full of interesting information...
37 Texas Calvalry (Terrell's) CSA: An Historically Accurate Reenactment Unit.
The Southron Nationalist forum: A forum for those dedicated to rebuilding the occupied C.S.A.
The SPGA Online Forum: A forum for Southern Party of Georgia members and supporters
Georgia CSA: The very well done Georgia League of the South website
The Confederate Bookstore: Ron Holland's Confederate Bookstore online website...
Bartow LoS: The Bartow County Georgia LS website...
Free Florida: The Florida State League of the South website
Free Missouri: The Missouri League of the South homepage.
The Rebelaires: A very well done website by the Georgia based Southern Music group the Rebelaires
Mississippi LS: The Mississippi League of the South website, a very well done site.
Miss Dixie Rebel: Sarah Nicole's very nice Southron site.
Free Alabama: A very nice looking website dedicated to true freedom for Alabama
The Southern Cherokee Nation: A very well done website
Save Georgia's Flag!: A great website dedicated to saving the Georgia State flag
Southern Messenger: A great southron website created by Cheryl Coleman
A True Estimate of Abraham Lincoln: A MUST READ online book by Mildred Lewis Rutherford
Battle Flag: A great looking website created by the SCV 
CSA News: Thomas E. Guinn's C.S.A. News website
I got my mind on Dixie: A very well done southron site by Ronda Lee of Kentucky
Boycott the boycotters!: A website dedicated to boycotting NAACP business supporters
Free Mississippi: A great looking website created by John Cripps of the League of the South
HPA: The Heritage Preservation Association is one of the top Southern Heritage defenders
Dixiecutie: A nice little ole southern site by Georgian Amy Turmon.
A Guide to Political Activism: ''A Quick and Dirty Guide To Southern Political Activism''.
Rebels for a Confederate South: A great web-site by a Southern Party of Georgia member ''Dixiemom''.
William's Southern Independence Website: Dedicated at promoting Southern Independence.
The Southron Nation project: Independence for Dixie by 2015...Deo Vindice, Resurgam!
The Southern Nation: The New Rise of the Old South: R. Gordon Thornton's new book.
HPA of Danville, VA: The ''Last Capital Chapter'' of the Heritage Preservation Association.
180 Degrees True South: Another great website by a sweet true southron lady Connie Ward

News and other Informational Links
Aw, Shucks! : Southron news
WorldNetDaily : "The real conservative news site"
The Toogood Reports: "Political info and news"
Sierra Times: "An Internet Publication for Real Americans"
Dixie News: The Edgefield Journal Online
CSA Today: A online newspaper for the South
PlanetGoldberg: A very nice conservative news site
C of CC: The Council of Conservative Citizens website
Southern Initiative: Jim Giles Southern Initiative website
2nd Amendment Sisters: 2nd Amendment Sisters, Inc.
SSBA: The Southern Small Business Association
In Fly Over Country: Diane Alden's Chronicles
GOA: Guns Owners of America web site. A very good conservative site
Vote Fraud: A very well done web site by Jim Condit Jr
 "We could have pursued no other course without dishonour. And as sad as the 
results have been, if it had all to be done over again, we should be 
compelled to act in precisely the same manner."
-- General Robert E. Lee, C.S.A.