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Republican President Bush has nominated who to the Federal Bench????????

It is pretty clear that a majority of Americans have recognized that we have a major problem in the judicial branch of the federal government. In fact there is a growing move to persuade Congress to place some restrictions on the federal judiciary in some areas.

While we commend and support this effort, it is a band aide, rather than a solution. It is treating the symptoms rather than working toward a solution.

Yes the federal judiciary is out of control having left the bounds of the Constitution years ago. Reining in  the federal judiciary in is an absolute requirement if Our Constitution is to have any chance of surviving. But the success of this effort alone will have virtually no effect on the continuing loss of the Principles upon which Our Country was Founded.

Placing restrictions on the judiciary will do nothing to solve the same problem that also exists in the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government, thus will only result in short term relief from judicial activism.

All three branches of the federal government are all operating outside the bounds of the Constitution and just as critically are no longer public servants. We were given several warnings by our Founding Fathers, that were heeded for a brief time, but are now ignored.

But that is a subject for another article, lets return this one to the current situation evolving out of the persecution of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.

He was prosecuted and persecuted by Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor. A man that has shown complete disregard for both the State of Alabama Constitution and the Constitution of these united States. He prosecuted Judge Moore with a zeal that is hard to understand, never giving consideration to Constitutional bounds.

But this man, who has openly shown disregard for both the State and federal Constitutions that he has taken oaths to defend and serve has been nominated by President Bush to the federal bench. Remember that once nominated and confirmed, it is for LIFE.

As long as men are placed into the federal judiciary that have a proven record of disregarding the bounds of the Constitution and they are there for LIFE, no amount of tweaking the Legislation coming from Congress will preserve the Constitution. Thus our statement that placing these types of restrictions on the judiciary will only have a short term effect.

This subject will be continued, for now just read the following background on Bill Pryor, who has been nominated by President Bush for the federal judiciary.


Attorney General Bill Pryor - A 21st Century Benedict Arnold   Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor
Former Alabama Governor Fob James appointed Bill Pryor as Alabama Attorney General to fill a vacancy. In Governor Fob James own words you will read that Bill Pryor stated he would not give in to illegal orders from federal judges. That he appointed Bill Pryor based upon his responses in an interview.

Here is the statement recently release by Governor Fob James:


Affidavit of Forrest H. “Fob” James Jr.

1. I am a citizen of the United States and the State of Alabama. I had the privilege of serving as Governor of Alabama twice.

2. One of the primary reasons I ran for Governor in 1994 was a forty-year pattern of illegal acts by the U.S. Supreme Court. Forbidding pre-game prayer by young athletes, the removal of the 10 commandments from the schools, and the ever-expanding grab for power by the courts, especially the federal courts, concerned me. I repeatedly spoke on these matters throughout my campaign. The so-called “equity funding” case in Alabama was an example of judicial arrogance on the home front that I also vigorously opposed as a candidate for Governor in 1994.

3. In my second term I had the good fortune to have Jeff Sessions as Attorney-General for a time. After he was elected to the U.S. Senate, he recommended to me a young man from Mobile named Bill Pryor to replace him. I remember talking with Bill about Judge Brevard Hand, a federal judge also from Mobile. Bill spoke highly of Judge Hand and if I remember correctly, a decision the Judge had made in the Jaffree school prayer case in Mobile during my first term as Governor. Judge Hand had ruled in that case that the U.S. Supreme Court was misusing the legal system to achieve its own social agenda, while usurping authority granted only to the legislative branches of government. As Judge Hand wrote, “We must give no future generation an excuse to use the same tactic to further their ends which they think proper under the then political climate as for instance did Adolph Hitler when he used the court system to further his goals.” I later asked the Judge to swear me in as Governor for a second term in 1995, which he graciously did. The main part of my inauguration in January, 1995, was an historical festival with actors playing the parts of historical figures like George Washington warning of “change by usurpation” in our government.

4. I paid more attention to what Washington and Jefferson and Jackson and Lincoln said about the checks and balances in our legal system, especially as it relates to checking the power of the judiciary, than to ambitious and dishonest judges we saw in the 20th century. I talked with Bill Pryor about all this when I was considering him for the job of Alabama Attorney-General. He impressed me with his knowledge of these things and provided me with some legal papers on “nonacquiescence” that he was responsible for while at the Tulane Law School. I told Bill about my view that constitutional officials needed to challenge the Supreme Court. For instance, for twenty years my view has been that a Governor should refuse to allow enforcement of a patently unconstitutional court order, and force the president to take action one way or the other on the issue. I don’t mean that we should fight anyone with troops. I do mean that we should use our constitutional authority to force the great issue of the day into the provinces of all branches of the federal government, not just a judiciary that like to sweep everything under its own rug where it has nearly exclusive control. Bill Pryor was aware of my views when I appointed him, because we discussed these things. Bill had indicated nothing, but his wholehearted support of my position and these issues at the time.

5. I have now heard that Bill Pryor is prosecuting Roy Moore before the Court of the Judiciary for refusing to obey a federal court order to remove the Ten Commandments from the State Judicial Building. If this is true, Bill’s action today are utterly contrary to the political and legal convictions he expressed to me. Had he expressed his present view, I would not have found him qualified to be Attorney-General of Alabama. The main reason Pryor was appointed was his understanding, and the ability to express that understanding, well, that a public official’s highest duty was to the Constitution of the United States and not to the Supreme Court or any other entity.


We must ask the question, why would Bill Pryor change his views?

When you look at the possible answers, none of them are impressive. The short list of possible answers follows:

  1. Bill Pryor LIED to Governor Fob James when he was interviewed. If this is true then Bill Pryor should be removed from office as being unfit to serve. His nomination to the federal bench should be rescinded by President Bush
  2. Bill Pryor has become politically correct in the years since he was appointed by Fob James. If this is true he should be removed in his next election as he no longer represents the citizens of Alabama. He certainly should not be appointed to the federal bench and his nomination should be rescinded.
  3. Bill Pryor will cater to special interests and let them determine his position. In this case, persecuting Judge Moore to gain favor for his pending nomination to the federal bench. If this is true he should be impeached from now and his nomination to the bench should be rescinded.

All of the possible answers are bad. All of them represent a man of little character and lost integrity.

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