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President Bush rewards present day Judas - Bill Pryor ...

In a previous article we were discussing the hypocrisy of Attorney General Bill Pryor being a nominee to the federal bench:

Republican President Bush has nominated who to the Federal Bench????????

Little did we know that as that article was being written, even darker deeds were in process. Much to our surprise we read that President Bush had executed a recess appointment of this modern day Judas to the federal bench.

President Bush just rewarded the prosecutor of Judge Roy Moore. President Bush just showed contempt for all who believe that Our Rights are unalienable and are derived from Our Creator.

For those that get upset at those words, a brief quote from the Declaration of Independence of these united States may help:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

President Bush has just bypassed the Senate and placed on the federal bench the man who demanded that Judge Roy Moore recant his belief that Our Rights are derived from Almighty God.

On one hand President Bush blames Democrats for activist judges, then he bypasses Senate ratification and places a PROVEN ACTIVIST JUDGE on the bench.

We urge that the ratification of this modern day Judas - the man who not only prosecuted, but persecuted Judge Roy Moore - be rejected by the Senate. This modern day Judas, Bill Pryor, is not fit to serve as a federal judge. If you agree:

  1. Please sign the following Petition to remove Bill Pryor, click here

  2. Call, write or fax your two Senators and demand that they remove Bill Pryor from the federal bench.

  3. Reconsider any support for President Bush. If you live in Georgia check our Voter Guide for the March 2 election.

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Bill Pryor Got His Judas Money

By Chuck Baldwin
February 25, 2004

According to news reports, "President Bush used a recess appointment Friday [Feb. 20] to give Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor a seat on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily. Pryor was sworn in by U.S. Circuit Judge Ed Carnes in a private ceremony in Alabama Friday. His appointment is expected to last until the end of 2005."

Faithful readers of this column know that Pryor was the political Judas who turned against Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore after promising former Alabama Governor Fob James and the people of Alabama that he would back Moore "all the way." In fact, Bill Pryor would never have attained the Alabama Attorney General's office without his enthusiastic support for Judge Moore. Therefore, James and others were shocked at Pryor's sudden decision to prosecute Chief Justice Moore and orchestrate Moore's removal from the Alabama Supreme Court.

(To read the transcript of Bill Pryor's shocking remarks during the trial and my eyewitness account of the trial, go to my web site: http://www.chuckbaldwinlive.com )

After Pryor's betrayal of Chief Justice Moore, many people were left wondering, "Who or what got to Bill Pryor?" The answer is obvious:

Karl Rove and a promised federal judgeship.

The Bush White House, through Rove, had clandestinely opposed Roy Moore since he ran for Alabama Chief Justice. When they could not defeat Moore at the polls, they decided to defeat him through the federal courts. To accomplish this, they needed a Judas from inside Alabama. Enter Bill Pryor.

It quickly became obvious to Rove that Pryor was their man. With the promise of a federal judgeship, he would turn against Chief Justice Moore and help assure Moore's removal from the bench. Pryor lived up to his end of the bargain and now Bush and Rove have lived up to their end. Last Friday, President Bush used a recess appointment to install Pryor as a federal appeals court judge. The Judas money has been paid.

When you read Bill Pryor's remarks at Chief Justice Moore's "trial," you will be instantly impressed with the fact that Pryor is a firm believer in transjudicialism. He actually believes that federal judges do not merely interpret the law, they are the law. Pryor suffers from the same disease that many in the judiciary seem to suffer from these days: the belief that a judge's opinion, not the Constitution, is law of the land.

Beyond that, Bill Pryor believes that a judge's opinion is greater in authority than even a person's moral conscience. In Pryor's world, there is no freedom of conscience and no freedom of religion. In Pryor's world, a judge's ruling is superior to moral, natural, or even divine law. In Pryor's world, a federal judge is a de facto king. In other words, Bill Pryor is a judicial tyrant!

However, Bill Pryor is even worse than a judicial tyrant. He is a Judas turncoat who obtained his position by lying to Governor Fob James and the people of Alabama and by betraying a man far greater in honor and character than himself. There is a place reserved for such men, and even a federal judge has no authority or power there! As with Judas of old, Bill Pryor will learn that when one trades truth and honor for thirty pieces of silver, he always makes a bad deal.

� Chuck Baldwin


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