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We commend RETAKING AMERICA RADIO SHOW  host Kelly McGinley for starting this effort to expose the hypocrisy of former Republican Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor. We urge you to read the following material, check out her radio show and give this matter your utmost attention.

Those who publicly try to "claim" they support the Constitution and The Display of The Ten Commandments, but when the chips are down run for the hills, need to be exposed. In fact they need to "read" The Ten Commandments and it wouldn't hurt if they read the Constitution too.

Some of you Republicans reading this need to do some house cleaning too!

  • Bill Pryor was the Republican Attorney General of Alabama. The Republican Governor of Alabama sat idly by - washed his hands so to speak.
  • Seven of the eight Associate Justices were Republicans and voted to place Judge Roy Moore on trial.
  • Seven of the nine who sat in judgment of Judge Roy Moore were Republicans.
  • Seven of the nine Supreme Court Justices who have not once, but twice, rejected hearing appeals of Judge Roy Moore were appointed by Republican Presidents.
  • The Republican President appointed Bill Pryor to the federal bench so that some day he can sit in judgment of a Ten commandments issue.

Now Jay Sekulow is openly raising funds to support affirming the appointment of Judge Bill "Judas" Pryor.

We urge all to support this effort to remove Bill Pryor from the federal bench by not ratifying his "recess" appointment.

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Ten Commandments Display and Bill Pryor
Jay Sekulow and the American Center on Law and Justice have recently confused the conservative community by supporting ultra liberal Judge Bill Pyror. Bill Pyror has a proven record of liberal judicial activities and gained nationwide attention for leading the charge as Alabama Attorney General to remove Judge Roy Moore from the Alabama Supreme Court.  Jay Sekulow has been a supporter of good causes in the past, his support of liberal Judge Bill Pyror is devastating.

Please check out the below facts and see if you also are confused by the actions of Jay Sekulow.

First of all, the information put out by Jay in his own words:

ACLJ: A Message from Jay on Sen. Kennedy's Challenge to the Recess Appointment of Judge William Pryor to the Federal Appeals Court.  See:


Jay Sekulow is challenging the actions of Senator Kennedy concerning the "Recess" appointment of Bill Pyror.   While the Constitution does give the President the authority to make "Recess" appointments, President Bush may be on shaky ground as when the Pyror appointment was made,  Congress was on a one week break, not in an official recess.

Our real issue is not the recess appointment, but the fact that Jay Sekulow is supporting Bill Pyror, who has a record of liberal judicial activities. As Attorney General of Alabama, Pyror had the authority to give legal opinions, which are respected as law, unless a court or the legislature over rule him. Bill Pyror also gained nationwide attention by taking the initiative to legally remove Chief Justice Roy Moore from the Alabama Supreme Court. While serving for some 6 years as Alabama Attorney General, Pyror constantly was an enemy of conservative Christianity.  Pyror angered Alabama Conservatives by Legal Opinions that were in constant support of the liberal Democrat Governor of Alabama, Don Siegleman.   The below documents 3 areas were Bill Pyror did damage to the conservative cause in the areas of pro life, gambling, judicial activities, and as well as his attack on Judge Moore and the issue of the right to acknowledge God in public.

Alabama Attorney General Bill Pyror prosecuted and persecuted Judge Roy Moore, and by so doing has shown complete disregard for both the State of Alabama Constitution and the Constitution of these United States. He prosecuted Judge Moore with a zeal that is hard to understand, never giving consideration to Constitutional bounds.

Bill Pryor's Shocking Comments During Roy Moore's "Trial":


Bill Pyror conforms to the liberal perspective that our courts should not acknowledge God and Bill Pyror is opposed to Judge Roy Moore in his efforts to acknowledge God in the courtroom.  See:


Bill Pyror is pro abortion in his actions, even though he says he is pro life. Bill Pryor issued some legal opinions from the Office of Attorney General that made it difficult to enforce the Alabama Partial Birth Law, in essence the legal opinion issue from the office of Alabama Attorney General made a pro life law non enforceable.  Alabama Governor Fob James said, "When the law passed, Mr. Pryor instructed Alabama district attorneys not to enforce the law as to pre-viable fetuses. In my view, this gutted the law and defeated its very purpose."


Attorney General Bill Pryor issued some legal opinions from the Office of Alabama Attorney General that made it difficult for law enforcement officers to fight video poker gambling.



A quote from Alabama Governor Fob James

Governor Bob Riley, Attorney-General Bill Pryor, and all eight justices of the Alabama supreme court, have now removed the Ten Commandments from “public view” in the Alabama judicial building.  They have also joined in condemnation of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore for disobeying the federal court that ordered removal of the Commandments. 

In removing the Commandments, all these officials have said they must follow the rule of law.  Yesterday, George W. Bush, through a spokesman, similarly stated about the Commandments removal, It is important that we respect our laws and our courts.  In addition, others such as evangelist Pat Robertson, Southern Baptist leader Richard Land, and attorney Jay Sekulow have added their voices in criticism of Chief Justice Moore.  They say that although they personally think the display of the Ten Commandments is constitutional, Moore should have taken the Commandments down anyway because to disobey the court order would be to violate the rule of law.


Pastor Chuck Baldwin says, Bill Pyror got his Judas money:



Petition to request Congress not to approve Bill Pyror as Judge:


More data on these issues can be found at: Retaking America, a conservative web site whose major goal is to stop liberal activism.


For the latest news on Ten Commandments issues and on Judge Roy Moore visit


Alabama Governor Fob James, a solid conservative, has expressed his concerns
about liberal judicial activism and provides information at:


We would like to encourage you to further research these issues, and also call Jay Sekulow and encourage him to remove his support of Bill Pyror.   We have great appreciation of the many wonderful things that Jay Sekulow has done, but our hearts are grieved concerning the support of Bill Pyror.  Please pray with us on this issue and also consider calling the American Center for Law and Justice, and Jay Sekulow and further discuss this issue. 

Call Jay at (757) 226-2489, Fax: (757) 226-2836 .

This information brought to you by:  http://www.retakingamerica.com/


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